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  1. Does that mean from gen 8 and gen 7? or from gen 7 only? what i mean is if we gen the mons without tracker and inject it to sword shield, and then move it to home then sword again, would that work?
  2. i do have tradable shiny solga below. I have the tradable zera too but im curious if shiny zera is possible to trade? because last time i try it says there's something wrong with my pokemon lol also if you have tradable shiny cosmog, i would like to download it
  3. how did you manage to make the incinaroar not marked as a illegal?
  4. Yes it says that too and idk whats up with that, it is tradable though. Thank you so much for the correction!
  5. is this tradable online? updated : it is tradable online
  6. alright thank you, now the question is if i turned it into shiny, the toxtricity one. and ignore the checkmark that says illegal, can i use it online?
  7. it says its illegal when i try to check the legality, does that mean we need to wait for the pkhex update?
  8. Hii i would like to ask this question, let say all of your mons are using your pokemon TID and SID right, is it safe to trade it online to other player? i mean if i ever wanna gen another one the same pokemon with your ssid and tid is it safe? thank you
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