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  1. Do they unallowed it? if so why we can still trade genned mons?
  2. its been almost 10 years and in this year sword and shield, seems like they dont ban people for genning a legit pokemon? even the hacked (illegal one) is allowed?
  3. does importing ''toxticitry'' gmax box through your cfw switch and goes online with it can get you ban? it still count as a save file right? so im guessing it should be fine? ''console ban'' i mean, not account ban
  4. Thank you! also one more thing if you import box on your save for ex, this is it okay to go online with it on the hacked switch? just for trading tho nothing else but i did import old boxes such as the gmax toxtricity one
  5. apologize, i got it now thank you! i havent checked the beta gallery post
  6. Ah okay, so you go online on the sysnand cfw but when you jump to the homebrew to inject the file you put it on airplane mode right? any tips to go safe trading online with hacked switch Slayer??
  7. he said ''don't use homebrew while online'' so yeah he play online on OFW
  8. Hey so what happen if, let say i bought the 3 month subscription of pokemon HOME and i deposit almost like 5 boxes full of mons, and then i stopped my subscription. Will my mons just gonna got released or dissapear?? or will it still be there and if i wanna take it back i just need to renew my subscription?
  9. do you have any guide to do all of what you do there? i mean ''going online with cfw switch''
  10. I think i get what do you mean but it (to transfer the file from my hacked switch to non hacked switch) requires me to connect to my internet wifi, is it okay to just connect my hacked switch to my internet to linking the account on my non hacked switch to this hacked switch? in fact how do you even manage to connect to the internet on the hacked switch??
  11. i've tried this but no luck i cant transfer anything, it ask me to connect or link a nintendo account on my CFW switch. My CFW Switch cant be connected to the internet due to reason. Can you explain how to transfer the file locally without internet?
  12. Anyone have solution for this? moving mons 1 by 1 locally is really painful
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