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  1. Pokemon Home sees them as legitimate, but doesn't allow you to trade "Special" Pokemon. Pokemon Sword and Shield on the otherhand is considering the event pokemon illegitimate. Some big brain probably flip-flopped a bool somewhere, because illegal ones are ok to trade in SWSH and ironically not allowed in Pokemon Home.
  2. Secret Club Necrozma is able to uploaded to Pokemon Home, but not usable in any online content inside of Sword and Shield.. Naturally it's unable to be traded on the GTS due to it being a "special pokemon". I came to ask if anyone has found a dumb loophole like the Solgaleo/Lunala issue at the moment. I tried making an illegal Necrozma (with the same situation as a tradeable Lunala/Solgaleo), but it gives the same "problem" message as if it was the event one.
  3. I don't think it's hard to see nor do I think this is a groundbreaking issue lol. It would be nice (albeit it's probably already somewhere in the documentation) if it had a hover-display that instructs you to press shift + click to make an ultra shiny.
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