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  1. I also can confirm that the following Alolan Pokemon are missing: Ratatta Geodude Gravelier Diglet Meowth While they're not missing, if you know what you're doing with PKHex, you can literally copy their final evolved forms, change the pokemon to the previous evolution stage, and set them in an empty box. Remember to cycle your PID, and Encryption Constant and enable shiny. At least that's what I did.
  2. That makes sense. So aside from the event pokemon in here, this is basically a shiny living dex of every possible shiny pokemon, and pokemon (if it can't be shiny) that's ever been out so far, because that's perfect as that's what I need, and I can look into the event stuff from the GitHub later on.
  3. Absolute perfect answer. The main reason I was interested in this file is because I stopped playing in Emerald/Fire red/Leaf Green era. I just recently got back into Pokemon and with Sword and Shiled coming I didn't want to go through and make a living dex, nor did I have the time with a full time job and a part time job. This file was perfect as it was a living shiny dex. As for the event pokemon, I'll absolutely check out what you linked, as I wasn't aware of that. My plan is for the pokemon in this file to go to Sword and Shield.
  4. So how many event pokemon are missing from this file? I see there's a lot, but it looks like some may be missing? https://www.serebii.net/events Is it even possible to obtain any missing event pokemon now? Also looking at older variants of this save file, it looks like pokemon were removed that had different OT's indicating that they were event pokemon?
  5. Both Celebi's are showing illegal. They're the only ones I can find that show illegal for me. False positive? Also at the time of posting this, the shiny Tapu Bulu is showing legal for me on the latest release of PKHex, as well as Ash-Greninja.
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