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  1. So with the addition of square animations in Gen 8, the yellow square is very hard to see in the boxes with the background of the boxes in PKHex. Could we get one of the following options as a solution: Change the yellow square to red to match the red star. Obviously the easiest solution The ability to change the box background. The middle of the 3 options. Not too difficult, but not easy either. A dark theme'd PKHex. The most difficult of the 3 options. Thoughts? So when I'm on the go, I use a netbook to PKHex. So when I'm checking batches of eggs, if one is shiny w/ squares it's damn near impossible to see without putting the screen at an awkward angle or getting very close to the screen. I've even experienced some difficulty at home on my 27" LED Monitor.
  2. So yeah this guy's tweets and Serbii is right. Pokemon.Com is either wrong, or not telling the whole story. I swapped to MM, had my shiny yamper within an hour and a half in 99 eggs.
  3. When you started your game, did you have your switch set to a particular date? The league card pulls it's 'registration date' from the date of your switch when you start your game. Aside from starting a new game w/ the date you want, there is no current way to change it in PKHex, but it's a request that is in AFAIK. Example, I wanted mine for Shield to match when I got Sword early, so I set my Switch date to the date when my Sword copy was started, and the registration date was the date I set it to on my Switch - November 13th 2019.
  4. Alright so maybe I'm just crazy, as I don't believe that this has EVER been a thing in previous pokemon games... If you edit your pokedex values in Sword and Shield, to lets say, you've already battled 500 or even 999 of the pokemon you're looking for, or generate a pokemon, then proceed to shiny hunt for it/one legit, is there a thing where you're prevented from finding pokemon as a shiny due to messing w/ the pokedex/save in PKHex? I'm currently 7x over odds yamper...... Am I crazy and just having bad luck? Edit: I think I have my answer. It's both good and bad if this is the case. It's good because that means that there are no such flags in place to 'punish' PKHex users, but it's bad for legit shiny hunters, thus making the urge to just PKHex them that much greater... From Reddit:
  5. Alright so maybe I'm just crazy, as I don't believe that this has EVER been a thing in previous pokemon games... If you edit your pokedex values in Sword and Shield, to lets say, you've already battled 500 or even 999 of the pokemon you're looking for, then proceed to shiny hunt for it legit, is there a thing where you're prevented from finding it as a shiny due to messing w/ the pokedex? I'm currently 5x over odds yamper. Am I crazy and just having bad luck?
  6. I thought the total_watt line was how much was on hand? Was it not? That's what I was looking to change. I'm also looking to change the 'Registration Date' on the leauge card, as that's the adventure start date. As for the pokemon, yes I've been clicking set. I'm quite familiar with PKHex. No offense taken. Any changes I do to any pokemon / generate, I have to save them as a PKM then drag them back into PKHex for them to stick into the game, and it's only like this for SWSH. Tested on Let's Go, ORAS, USUM, etc. set works as intended, but SWSH is not working as intended.
  7. So I found the Watts section in the drop down of the Trainer Info section. I tried changing the value, then loaded it back into my game. The changed value doesn't stick, though when what I saw displayed in PKHex matched the Watts I had in game. Displayed: 14,150 Changed to 30,450 Loaded back into game, still have 14,.150. Also is there some way to change the 'Registered On' section of the league card? Edit: Changes to and generating new pokemon in PKHex is STILL not sticking without first making the changes/generating the pokemon, then saving it as a PKM, then deleting the pokemon from PKHex, then dragging the PKM back into PKHex.
  8. For Dev's reading this, and to OP: It looks like this value is being pulled from the Pokedex. So in the Dex editor, you just need to check that you have the shiny form of whatever you've encountered, then update your league card at a terminal in game. As far as it ticking and counting for each shiny you find even if you already own it, I haven't been able to check so far as I haven't found anymore. So if you're just looking to have that number remain accurate for what you've already found, or want it 0 so you can hunt after a full dex for charm, just make sure the boxes for the shiny forms of everything/whatever you have is checked/unchecked respectfully, and then update your league card in game. I know this works because I 'moved ;)' my shinies from Sword over to shield, and updated my league card. The game now thinks I caught them legit in Shield. EDIT: It would be nice to be able to edit our league cards though to include 'registration date', watts, rally best score, Curry Dex, etc.
  9. So using the latest revision, revision e, when I generated a pokemon, and exported my save as normal, I re-opened it to double check, and nothing was there. Any changes I make to the Party-Battle Box stick, but anything I put into the Box tab, doesn't seem to be saving. Any modifications done to anything int he SAV tab, also stick just fine. EDIT: So after making this post, I decided to generate my pokemon then save them using FILE > Save PKM. I then reopened the save, and drug the PKM files back into the Box tab, and exported my save again. I reopened the save to see if it stuck, and that seems to have made the pokemon stick. Hope this is helpful to the Devs, I can try to provide whatever I can to help address this issue.
  10. I just checked with latest version.. which was updated on Novemer the 18th at 1:07 AM US EST (at the time of this posting). I can now confirm that PKHex IS pulling the correct encounter data from the dex as intended, so people who want to legit shiny hunt can do so without fear of PKHex deleting their encounter data. Look forward to the clothing update so I can get my Gold bag... Amazon only sent me one code.
  11. So this version works for me. I'm also doing legit shiny hunting for this Gen. It seems that PKHex will default all 'battled' encounters in the Pokedex to 0 when modifying the save. This is a big problem for people who want to shiny hunt legit, as the total number battled is factored into shiny odds this Gen. Might be worth looking into on an upcoming revision of PKHex.
  12. I also can confirm that the following Alolan Pokemon are missing: Ratatta Geodude Gravelier Diglet Meowth While they're not missing, if you know what you're doing with PKHex, you can literally copy their final evolved forms, change the pokemon to the previous evolution stage, and set them in an empty box. Remember to cycle your PID, and Encryption Constant and enable shiny. At least that's what I did.
  13. That makes sense. So aside from the event pokemon in here, this is basically a shiny living dex of every possible shiny pokemon, and pokemon (if it can't be shiny) that's ever been out so far, because that's perfect as that's what I need, and I can look into the event stuff from the GitHub later on.
  14. Absolute perfect answer. The main reason I was interested in this file is because I stopped playing in Emerald/Fire red/Leaf Green era. I just recently got back into Pokemon and with Sword and Shiled coming I didn't want to go through and make a living dex, nor did I have the time with a full time job and a part time job. This file was perfect as it was a living shiny dex. As for the event pokemon, I'll absolutely check out what you linked, as I wasn't aware of that. My plan is for the pokemon in this file to go to Sword and Shield.
  15. So how many event pokemon are missing from this file? I see there's a lot, but it looks like some may be missing? https://www.serebii.net/events Is it even possible to obtain any missing event pokemon now? Also looking at older variants of this save file, it looks like pokemon were removed that had different OT's indicating that they were event pokemon?
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