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  1. Encountering the following error. Not sure what to do. I got it in a trade, and they swear its legit. No big deal if I can fix it. Otherwise i'll just trash the mon. Thanks!
  2. Ouch, I guess I deserved that harshness. I just messed with it a bit, when I thought I understood it. I kept on getting a crash so I stopped messing with it. Can I mess with the Raid Parameter editor and hit save? Will that save anything or manipulate anything? Again pardon my ignorance.
  3. Thanks Slayer, I appreciate it. How can I manipulate this so I can spawn a shiny pokemon?
  4. Totally confused, i'm trying to spawn something in den 97 (lake of outrage). What does the following mean? RandRoll DenType Flags IsActive IsRare IsEvent my other question is, can I manipulate them by modifying them or changing the drop down from false to true? If not, would the 'Activate All' button actually have any impact when we see those values change? Thank you
  5. it sounds like you might've loaded an older save? or overwritten your new save with old data? That's happened to me, and it sucked so bad.
  6. Let me know if it works for you big dawg. You got a discord?
  7. looks like it's working in incognito. The pokemon ID doesn't generate a shiny pokemon though when I put it into pkhex
  8. Hey it's not working, getting an 'unable to load file' error in google docs.
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