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  1. As I've already imported Thundurus and Tornadus via Mystery Gift on my sav file for Pokemon Black v1, I'd love to bypass the need to find and catch them, rather move directly to the Landorus event. In PKHEX I can see the event flags for the first two, and have set them to "caught," but I'm seeing 5 choices in the section relevant to Landorus (Misc. Edits), three of which are the same label of "event," while the other two are "battleable" and "caught." Needless to say my instinct was to check "battleable," but even with the two necessary pkmn in my party, the abundant shrine offers no event, just a brief description of the shrine. If anyone is familiar with this particular set of event flags, I'd love to hear any suggestions or potential solutions, thanks! (It might be good to know that I'm running the most recent Mac version of PKHEX, and I'm willing to try the pc version if thought necessary.)
  2. This thing? Or This one? Can't speak to their functionality, just saw while browsing.
  3. I'm not terribly familiar with the difference or updates made to IVs in changing from DVs; would they not become un-shiny if I input the DVs as if they were IVs? In that case couldn't I just use that online pokegen thing? I hardly know wtf I'm talking about honestly, apologies.
  4. Thanks so much for the info, guys. I had seen so many people transfer their (technically kind of legit-ish?) shiny celebi from VC Crystal up to SWSH, I hoped and assumed *incorrectly* that the same process could be performed up to Gen 5 via poketransfer or bank. Bummer. I tried for a considerable amount of time to get the app that @theSLAYER linked (PKX delta) working on my Mac, but it's quite dated (the Mac), so the problem is likely on my end. I really didn't mean to sound like such a stickler for being "legit," by the way! I just imagined the celebi-to-swsh process to be so magical and un-messy that I'd hoped it would work for mine. So the term I really should have used is "least messy," in reference to the route I'd hoped to take. So, as it stands, since I'm unable to access PKX delta, my updated request might be for yet another kind soul to help with that conversion to a pk3 file, if possible! The crystal save file is attached here again, just in case! Thanks again, you guys. Pokemon - Crystal Version (USA, Europe).sav
  5. If OP is utilizing any sort of emulation, they can re-title your Pearl sav file to match their Diamond ROM's title, and it'll work beautifully! I use that method all the time to grab exclusive pkmn from their partner games.
  6. Hi Jota, if you can send one of your pkmn to GTS using the DNS server wifi trick, I should be able to trade with you and easily find your SID. I see a kind soul may already be assisting you, I'm just offering backup!
  7. As I've no access to a 3DS currently, (otherwise I'd love to figure out the process here), I'm hoping some kind soul with a bit of extra time (and a 3DS with homebrew?) might be able to help! What I *do* have access to is a Mac with pkhex, a DSi XL and an R4 card with pkmnchest, so if I were to receive a new gen5 save file, or simply a pk5 file, I should be able to take it from there! I've only got 2 shiny pkmn in my Crystal sav file (attached, via emulation and extraction from R4 card) and I hunted them for quite a long time, so the emotional attachment is silly but real. They are Quilava and Smoochum, aptly named "Starshine" and "Sugababe," respectively... I believe the next step would be to inject the sav into a virtual console rom, then utilize the poketransfer app(?), Pokemon bank(?), OR a homebrew app (of which I'm blanking on the name) to transfer / convert for compatibility into a gen5 save file or pk5 file. MOST IMPORTANTLY I'm looking for the most direct and legitimate route that wouldn't involve manually adjusting any of their stats, and instead being able to see what natures, abilities, IVs etc come out on the other end. Thus, why I'm not really interested in manipulating them in any fashion via pkhex or other apps. Massive love to anyone willing to help! Pokemon - Crystal Version (USA, Europe).sav Pokemon G5 - Black Version GIFTS.sav
  8. Hey everyone, I'm sure you've seen the beautiful resurrection of GTS via a fan-made DNS server, I'm just curious if this is the right place (or potentially) to find friends for trading. Gens IV & V are both totally functional, and you can see available Pokemon on their site: https://pkmnclassic.net/gts/ Would love to be pointed in the right direction if anyone can help, or hear from anyone that's interested, thanks!
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