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  1. StarsMmd, you are a genius. Your work on XG, modding to that extent one of the lesser known Pokémon games, with no romhacking scene to help you, is awe-inducing. The Gamecube games are criminally underrated, yet the Pokémon there look better than any mainline series ever, and the world is so much more interesting. I am curious about what can be done at the moment in this romhack. -Orre is supposed to be a land so lacking in Pokémon, that the majority of them are imported and sold. Could you turn shops into Pokémon shops where you can buy Pokémon, similar to the Celadon Game Corner? -Is it possible to import move animations from Colosseum to XD? Not only Colosseum's moves are less cutesy-sparkly and more intense (compare Shadow Rush, Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, Psychic, etc), but it would also increase your total number of available animations (for example, have Flamethrower use the Colosseum animation and use the XD animation for, say, Lava Plume) -Would it be reasonable to mod in a barebones breeding system? As in, say, you can put two 'mons in the daycare, and once you exit and re-enter there is a chance to get an already hatched baby. -In that same line of thought, can the PC be expanded to have more available boxes? Aside from that, I would love to know if you have considered those two things: -Releasing a Windows version of the Editors for Colosseum and XD, to kickstart the romhacking scene for these two games and ultimately drawing attention to your own. -Creating or joining the Pokémon disassembly discord server; I'm sure they would be delighted to add a section for disassembling the Gamecube games, and their help would be very useful. Anyway, best of luck. I'm sure the best is yet to come.
  2. Yeah, I used a legit FRLG save with the Sevii quest done. The problem is locating the flags with a hex editor (especially because they are only zeroes when not activated)
  3. Well, A-Save worked... Except that it still doesn't allow trading with FRLG, which is the most important thing about the NatDex... I've tried hex editing, but every save seems to start at a different offset, so I never know where the flags are.
  4. So, I was trying to edit an Emerald save where I just had the Pokédex and a few mons. I wanted to unlock the National Dex right there, so I opened the save with PkHex and checked the event flag "SYS_NATIONAL_DEX", but nothing happened. Am I missing something?
  5. The purpose of this thread is to find a way to hex edit Gen 3 savegames so that there can be trade between Kanto and Hoenn without having to beat the game. Text in red means help is required. Text in yellow is the explanation. Help: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Save_data_structure_in_Generation_III Requirements 1) The National Dex must be unlocked in each version. According to Bulbapedia, three fields must be edited: A, B and C. Help needed: Each save seems to have those fields in different places. How can we determine where it starts beforehand, when it's all zeroes? I opened three different NatDex unlocked Emerald saves, and searched for the first field, which should show "01 DA", meaning the NatDex is unlocked. In the first one, 01 DA appeared at offset A019 for Game A and 17019 for Game B; in the second one, it appeared at 6019 and 13019, and in the third one it appeared at C019 and 19019. I cannot search this way with a save that doesn't have the NatDex yet, because instead of "01 DA" there is "00 00", which is everywhere. 2) In FireRed/LeafGreen, The Ruby and Sapphire Sevii Island sidequest must also be completed. Help needed: where are the bytes that determine its completion status? Any collaboration is appreciated in order to make the third gen games more accessible.
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