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  1. The past one did have it as well when u click release then download the x64 or x84 bit zip folder
  2. Like i said, It does not work for all laptops so those who claim it don't work just don't have software on their pc that supports this exe
  3. i already told u how to edit the pokemon. It isnt hard at all.
  4. Why didn't you edit it? You have to edit the pokemon's moves and such since cursola only had like 1 move on it, Just edit the pokemon in pksm or something like search up it's correct moves and just edit it
  5. Did u get a fatal error occurred when u drag it to onto the exe?
  6. put your save file on pkhex then drag the bin file to your pc box in pkhex
  7. yeah sobble, Rillaboom, Thievul, Nickit, and a few others don't ever work
  8. did u edit it correctly like gave it the correct moves and everything. When u edit it make sure to drag it to a blank sword file in pkhex to make sure it's legal
  9. I believe sobble is one of the pokemon That can't be transferred from 3ds it crashes
  10. Here's also my Bin file to pkhex so u can just edit the mons in the batch editor if u wish MrsUchihaYouTube.bin
  11. Basically you can't convert all the pokemon. I know who Zetta D is, He's the one who puts paywalls on basically everything for cheap barely usable stuff. People complain to him all the time about his stuff having to be paid but since I am a hacker I have to stay in a discord server with him with all the other hackers. He's really supposed to support a free version to his payed one but that's what scummy people do, they do things only for money even when the program itself might not even be good or useful
  12. and yes its normal to see the kantonian cause obv gen 7 never had a sprite for galarians
  13. use that one 078-01 ★ - Rapidash - CCEC47B9D329.pk7
  14. you can do it more simple by writing it all out like .Species=Dracovish and stuff
  15. .Species= 555 .IsNicknamed=False .Nickname=Darmanitan .Gender=1 .Move1=33 .Move2=45 .Move3=0 .Move4=0 .RelearnMove1=33 .RelearnMove2=45 .RelearnMove3=0 .RelearnMove4=0 .AbilityNumber=1 .Ability=66 .Met_Level=1 .CurrentLevel=50 .IV_ATK=31 .IV_SPD=31 .IV_DEF=31 .IV_SPA=31 .IV_SPE=31 .IV_HP=31 .Nature=$1,23 .EV_ATK=252 .EV_DEF=0 .EV_HP=0 .EV_SPA=0 .EV_SPD=0 .EV_SPE=252 .AltForm=2 .Ball=4 .OT_Name=Uchiha .PID=$rand .EncryptionConstant=$rand .PID=$shiny .IsEgg=False .Egg_Location=60002 .EggMetDate=20200203 .Met_Location=00068 .MetDate=20200203 .Version=44 That's how you batch edit
  16. dang well then i cant use it i have everything but gmax
  17. How do we use this one is there an exe in it or do i drag a pk8 file to it or?
  18. Version 1.0.0


    This Has All Shiny Pokemon Gens 1 through 7
  19. Version 1.0.0


    This has some gen 8 pokemon along with galarian Darmanitan, Antique Sinistea and others for gen 7
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