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RNG Abuse: Breeding 6 Perfect IVs Shiny in BW and older versions

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@SkyLink98 thank you so much. I used to have that link, but lost it. I don't know why I never thought of searching there. Thanks once again?


One last question, can you rng for 5-6 perfect IVs for Events from Gen 3-6 games?

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Yes, that's possible. 

Gen 3-4-5 games that are reachable through an event item are standard Stationary Pokemon tho.

Gen 3 events like Channel Jirachi, Agate Celebi etc. as well as ranger link pokemon in Gen 4 are RNGable.

Also, all the Pokemon that can be obtained directly from a wondercard in gen 4-6 are RNGable.

You should be able to find some guides on the net

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