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  1. hey I can help on the Butterfree but I'm still stuck on Magmar failing to respawn. Butterfree is in Agate Village after you beat Greevil iirc, that or at Gateon Port. Just talk to all the NPC's in the overworld who aren't in buildings in either of those locations and one should have Butterfree
  2. Hey all, I KO'd Magmar back in Phenac City and now it seems Mirror B is just refusing to reappear. He's showed back up with every Shadow Pokemon I've KO'd except for Magmar and Magmar is the last Shadow Pokemon I'm missing before Mirror B shows up at Gateon Port with the final Shadow Pokemon. Am I just severely unlucky or did something go wrong? In the Shadow Monitor it just says "Spotted: Phenac City, Snag failed"
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