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  1. I had this same crashing problem a while ago when I started playing, on the Dolphin emulator. Turns out the problem was with the dual-core method it used for speeding up the game, and I solved it by right clicking the game and turning off the "Enable Dual Core" I also had to disable dual core in the config menu. After doing that, and the other remedies like synchronizing the GPU and disabling panic handlers, the game ran as normal. However, after the fight, the overworld ran incredibly slowly because the dual core was disabled, but I solved this by going into the config menu in the dolphin emulator itself and going into the advanced tab and clicking on "Enable Emulated CPU Clock Override" and setting the bar to around 33%, which sped up the game via frame skipping to about normal levels without deteriorating the visuals. Hopefully this works for the rest of you, too.
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