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  1. Oh, sorry. I'm new to uploading saves and just wanted to give people completed saves.
    Its good, just not 100% which is okay. From now, I believe she/he has 100%ed the game and should probably update it, but its okay anyway. Thanks for the amazing file!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Just some pokemon main files I had
  3. Hey, I wanted to get a save file for super mystery dungeon. I would prefer the 100%, but as long as you have the story and most pokemon compeleted, that would be okay. Thanks!
  4. 1. Install OBS. (Duh) 2. On the "Scenes" Tab, press +. It comes up with something like: Press "Ok". If you want to rename it, go ahead. 3. In this picture, I have my OBS set up for streaming and recording, with a target shiny pokemon. (OH IS THAT FORESHADOWING) From here, where going step by step for each source. (PREPARE) 4. If your going to be streaming, don't forget to get your stream key on twitch. From twitch, go to: Dashboard Look at the bottom of the side menu Under "Settings" in that side menu, click "Channel" Click "Copy" to the ri
  5. If you could get me a save file with 100% completion (locations, post-game etc,) for Y, I would be eternally grateful. I can use PKHeX to change save file names etc, but on my own save i broke my legs (not acually) trying to complete the map. Thanks!
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