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  1. Hey guys I'm trying to mass change the Origin Game for the pokemon. I see that pokemon sun is listed at 30. But I don't see the code for it. I tried =Gen7=30 and a few others but it didn't work. All I'm trying to do is change all my pokemon origin game to pokemon sun.
  2. Okay this is a question for Kaphotics. I understand you don't want to explain how to dump roms and etc but I have a homebrew console that I'm wanting to do this on and I have no idea how to add games. Is it possible if I legitimately purchased the game via Nintendo eshop to do this hacking on my homebrew console? It hasn't been banned and even if it gets banned for doing this that's fine. But I would prefer not to have to sort through tons of crap to find a "rom or iso" file when I could just legitimately buy the game as a digital download and then modify the digital download using this program. If that's possible let me know because I would be down to just buy the game via eshop. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Also just came to my mind. If I was to buy Pokemon lets Go Eevee from Eshop (even if this isn't a hackable file) Then used the "backup method of installing pokemon "Eevee" onto my system which is hackable. Would Nintendo instantly ban my system? My console would show a valid authentication key for Pokemon Eevee so would that stop my console from getting instantly flagged? I understand the Homebrew console will most likely get banned sooner or later but I know if you hack in games you supposedly get instantly banned when you connect to online because they can tell you haven't paid for those games but what if you did even if your really not using the "Nintendo backed up file" but using a "Backup" that you downloaded and modified using this program.
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