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  1. I've got a new bug to report. Shadow Cacturne used Shadow Fear on its own ally, Sharpedo. For context, I had Mawile and Weezing out, and it had used Shadow Hunter on my Mawile the previous turn, the first turn it was out. I wish I could come up with a single reason for this AI behavior, but this needs looking into.
  2. Made an account just to post this. As someone whose favorite game of all time was Gale of Darkness, this has been a fun mix up over my usual replayings of the game (gripes about name changes aside, particularly with the Hexagon Brothers). I have noticed a pretty odd bug. I used my Breloom's Spore to put Muk to sleep, and when its turn came, it obviously was fast asleep, but Poison Touch still activated and poisoned my Breloom. I'm going to guess this is something similar to the Life Orb glitch you used to have. Also, Flame Orb and Toxic Orb seem to damage you on the turn they activate, but I'm assuming that's something you're aware of and considered too minor to fix for now. Lastly, is there any resource on the effects of (particularly held) items? It's mostly important for the original ones like the Aura Booster and then something like the Focus Sash, which is supposedly infinite use unlike the main series, but that's not in the description. Regardless, this has been a great experience, and I look forward to finishing the game (was doing Realgam Colosseum before Snagem Hideout, found the Poison Touch bug during the final series, immediately made this post).
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