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  1. First, thanks for your previous post about the little unknown things about the game, I'm glad it gave you something to do at the time. (Late reply, I was going to ask my question in the second paragraph but I found a old partial reply the site remembered here. Don't know where I was going with it though, so this one is from scratch.) The 50% speed boost thing came from the bottom of the 1.0.1 changelog under the updated mechanics section in the op. Quote: " Most people don't know this but in XD, shadow pokemon get a 50% speed boost. This has now been taken out. " Anyway, I wanted to ask about the 1.2 update note of: " Removed some scripted events from early in the story to speed up progression " I was going to make your next update my first playthrough of XD, is the change something that I would miss if it was not there (and therefore is there a way to turn it on/off or a second patch with it still included), and is there anything else I will be missing from the base game outside of the changes to the Pokemon and a couple locked off wip areas? Edit: 1.2, not 2.0
  2. Hi, this looks like a really great hack, and I learned a lot of interesting things about the base game, like how shadow sky boost shadow attacks, shadow Pokemon gets a 50% speed boost (is that a flat 50% boost or a stage 1 boost?), and that there's shadow levels of the Pokemon (Farfetch'd). Are there any other interesting workings of the game? Some thing I always wondered about was do shadow Pokemon have 3 types with the shadow being its 3rd, or is it just a flag saying to resist shadow moves and similar effects but otherwise just the same type? I saw that there was a limit to the # of shadow Pokemon you can add, is there a similar limit to the number of Pokemon, moves and abilities you can add or is there more than enough room to work with? You mentioned possibly adding fakemons to the hack, that and other newer gen Pokemon would be awesome, but I'm curious if you had any in mind and what they might be. I also wouldn't mind making some custom textures for shadow Pokemon, or at least stuff like the dog trio. But I need more free time to do the stuff I'm supposed to do first and wasn't sure if you want anything like that anyway.
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