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  1. Yeah, their way of checking for hacks/clones are a complete joke...
  2. Worth noting that whenever I deposit a Pokemon I caught or bred into HOME and then withdraw it will set the Latest (not OT) Handler to my name even though they were never traded initially...
  3. Your girl player block data you posted appears to be missing the Ranked Battles uniform set... @theSLAYER
  4. I just edited my character's skin and thought I should share this with others... After opening your Sword or Shield save file 1) Click on the SAV tab 2) Select Block Data 3) Under the Block Key dropdown, select *Object MyStatus 4) Put the correct values for your character's gender under Skin and MomSkin Skin: 15750773674524975186 MomSkin: 16295240065100649920 Skin: 15750772575013346975 MomSkin: 16295241164612278131 Skin: 15750771475501718764 MomSkin: 16295242264123906342 Skin: 15750770375990090553 MomSkin: 16295243363635534553 Skin: 15683315162178948477 MomSkin: 66653365124950412 Skin: 15683311863644063844 MomSkin: 66654464636578623 Skin: 15683312963155692055 MomSkin: 66655564148206834 Skin: 15683309664620807422 MomSkin: 66656663659835045
  5. Wonder why Serebii didn't announce these... And why did it say I have to sign in just to download these?
  6. That's good to hear at least. And I think I have a theory that the Uniform ID might be stored separately again like your Trainer ID and what Pkhex is just editing is your Uniform ID on the card only... which may be why you keep reverting to your 001.
  7. Have you tried saving in game after applying the change in Pkhex and reloading the game? Or even try saving and reloading after it reprints to your desired number.
  8. No, your 3-digit Uniform ID isn't tied to your Trainer ID and you should be able to edit it in Pkhex without any problems.
  9. Like I said, it's only determined by your main Trainer ID.
  10. Yes you should edit your main to the number you want displayed. Otherwise the game will naturally update with your main trainer ID whenever you make or update your card, and not keep your edited one.
  11. It sounds like you didn't edit your main Trainer ID, too. I think the game will update with that one.
  12. Just looked at my high score in Yellow and it's 2938, but in PKHeX it says 3829...
  13. Man, I hope hackers find out and implement the option to give yourself all clothing items into PKHeX.
  14. Yes and those parade Events have been out for almost 2 years now but anyways... Thanks!
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