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  1. Try using this one and be careful of the .zip protection file option before extracting it. SkyEditor.ROMEditor.UI.WPF Build 106.zip
  2. I see, please tell me when we'll be able to change the talent of starters, I'm interested in that.
  3. Good as I didn't update my version of the mod, I still have the one you gave me and that works fine, but are there new features in the update?
  4. Normally, if you click on Directory, then right click on it, then click on create project, selecting starter mod and entering a name, it should create the project, you must have done a mistake somewhere.
  5. Are you sure that this little window has shown?
  6. On directory, just click "create project"
  7. I've never tested that but I think there wouldn't be trouble since it's an "evolution" btw I saw that if you make evolve a Pokemon into the same Pokemon unchanged, it become temporarly white until the end of the scene ( a battle for exemple )
  8. Depends on your choice on the evolved Pokemon, for me I chose Mega Manectric for base and for evolution, so he won't change. Another thing is when you get petrified by Nuzleaf, you can see the base Pokemon as a stone statue (exemple Charmander), not the Pokemon that you have but it doesn't matter since you keep the modified Pokemon.
  9. Yep I had this too, but we can rename the characters from the main menu when your partner is availible for exploration in the game.
  10. Finally seems to work ! A big thanks to @evandixon for your help and all the hard work you've done !
  11. I tried the way you told me but it has crashed the same way as before, tomorrow I'll try to do the entire solution on the pc again.
  12. I just tried now an european version of PSMD ( it's saying "fault status: precise external abort" this time. And I'm using an european OLD 2DS and Luma 3DS works. Here's the modpack I created ModPack_1.0.0.zip
  13. Okay so I've done everything but there's still a problem, the game freezes right before the start menu but I can see the 3 colored pictures appear before that. plus I think that in fact it's a region problem because before installing it with FBI I saw that the game region was european and australian. Do you think it can cause some trouble when the crash report said me a kind of "translation fail" ?
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