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  1. Hey so I just downloaded this mew and was wondering if the met date should be changed? Mine showed up as todays date?
  2. I am looking for the Chinese and Korean version events of Zeraora. But also do they exist yet? I know EU Zeraora event are a think but what about China and Korea Event Zeraora?
  3. I just realized that after not looking at the top for those quick links.
  4. Thank you for the Update on the website! One thing I would Like to add is have you thought about making a quick folder or a spot to access all events that has been collected and organized? Sometimes it is hard to find what events we are looking for. This is just a though an idea.
  5. Hello everyone! I am trying to find a file that has all gotta catch em all events. If you have a folder that has all of those events can I get that folder containing them from you? Thank you