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  1. I've set them to shiny and they worked online, that's why I was offering to add new files which are shiny. If I knew they wouldn't work if they were shiny I would have told him. The Deoxys from OR/AS in the Sky Pillar also gets the same error but it can still work online
  2. I will update it for shiny if you would like to when I get home.
  3. Yes they can be shiny, it will show up as an error (Static Encounter shiny mismatch) but they will still be able to Trade, battle, Wondertrade, etc.
  4. Version 1.0.1


    This folder contains the Legends of Trio all LVL. 5 (Both Therian & Incarnate) All Movesets are Movesets which you can find on Smogon (NOTE, THESE WERE NOT CAUGHT LEGITIMATELY IN-GAME, THEY WERE GENERATED VIA PKHEX)
  5. Giratina has an error, it's an easy fix tho , give it the orb and you'll be good
  6. Version 1.0.1


    The non-shiny file will be able to Trade, Battle, Wondertrade, etc. The shiny file will be able to Trade, Battle, Wondertrade, etc. ==============NOTE================== (THESE WERE NOT CAUGHT IN-GAME LEGITIMATELY. THEY WERE GENERATED VIA PKHEX)
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