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  1. This error came up when I attempted to edit a single line of text. In fact, it comes up when I attempt to edit any parts of the game. No files get overwritten or modified, which means nothing is getting corrupt. The last time I used this tool worked without any issues, and was even using the same extracted game files directory. The file path to the extracted game files is: E:\Nintendo\3DS_Stuff\Mods\SupernovaSunCustomBuild\Extra_Files\Extracted_ROM. Could someone please tell me why this is happening? I am using Windows 10 Enterprise Build 17763.529 with Win32 long paths enabled.
  2. Yeah, its effectively a remix of the Generation 1 Champion music, and was present in the files since X and Y were released. I believe it would play during the final battle in the VGC. I'm not sure if there is a trainer class in the game that actually loads the music file though.
  3. Yeah, I tried switching it to 87 one time to see if anything would change, and I also noticed the weird switch-ins, as well as VERY weird switch-outs(the AI tried switching to their Xerneas when my Mega Steelix was at +6 Attack and Defense and going to use Gyro Ball). Needless to say, I changed it back to 7 and am keeping it there. Seems to be the best option for the team I gave the trainer. Also, would it be possible to make the VGC Finals theme play during a trainer battle if one wanted to do such a thing?
  4. Yeah, that is what it originally was for the battle I modified(the Principal of the trainer school). Not sure if I should use 87, considering some post-game trainers like Ghetsis and Giovanni have an AI value of 87. I assume it depends on the trainer's team?
  5. I recently just started using this after figuring out how to get it to work, and notice in the trainer editor that there is a field called "AI Val". Does anyone know what it is for and what happens if I change it to a higher or lower number?
  6. I am not sure if it's a good idea to post a comment about this here, but QR codes of teams from VGC were made available today to people if they sign into the PGL. Are they included in this huge collection?
  7. Would not have expected that to happen, as Avast Antivirus has not caused me any issues in the past. I'll just assume it sandboxed the application silently, and try using the program again with the Avast disabled. EDIT: Tried running the program again with the Antivirus Enabled and no errors came up.
  8. This is my first forum post here, so please tell me if I did anything wrong when creating this post With that out of the way, I may have encountered a bug in the program. When I attempted to drag a generated Pokemon outside of the program to generate a pk7 file, a message came up displaying the below error. I have no idea what caused the error, and I have not encountered this specific error in my couple years of using the program. The full error message is in the spoiler since it is quite long. Could someone please look into the error and tell me what caused it and how I can avoid it in the future?
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