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  1. This error came up when I attempted to edit a single line of text. In fact, it comes up when I attempt to edit any parts of the game. No files get overwritten or modified, which means nothing is getting corrupt. The last time I used this tool worked without any issues, and was even using the same extracted game files directory. The file path to the extracted game files is: E:\Nintendo\3DS_Stuff\Mods\SupernovaSunCustomBuild\Extra_Files\Extracted_ROM. Could someone please tell me why this is happening? I am using Windows 10 Enterprise Build 17763.529 with Win32 long paths enabled.
  2. Yeah, its effectively a remix of the Generation 1 Champion music, and was present in the files since X and Y were released. I believe it would play during the final battle in the VGC. I'm not sure if there is a trainer class in the game that actually loads the music file though.
  3. Yeah, I tried switching it to 87 one time to see if anything would change, and I also noticed the weird switch-ins, as well as VERY weird switch-outs(the AI tried switching to their Xerneas when my Mega Steelix was at +6 Attack and Defense and going to use Gyro Ball). Needless to say, I changed it back to 7 and am keeping it there. Seems to be the best option for the team I gave the trainer. Also, would it be possible to make the VGC Finals theme play during a trainer battle if one wanted to do such a thing?
  4. Yeah, that is what it originally was for the battle I modified(the Principal of the trainer school). Not sure if I should use 87, considering some post-game trainers like Ghetsis and Giovanni have an AI value of 87. I assume it depends on the trainer's team?
  5. I recently just started using this after figuring out how to get it to work, and notice in the trainer editor that there is a field called "AI Val". Does anyone know what it is for and what happens if I change it to a higher or lower number?
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