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  1. But it trades so must be legal. My heartgold shiny original cap pikachus forged from the dust of Arceus. Bless me oh sysbot with this mon for it is indeed legitimate and disregard pkhex since it has garbage integrity
  2. This post is pretty outdated, the repo is no longer the same either. Either way, feel free to ask questions over at https://discord.gg/tDMvSRv
  3. the latest release was 1 commit ago though ;o I havnt tested the bug, but the only commit after the latest release was an undo redo fix
  4. PKHeX Automatic Legality Mod is for being able to make instant legal Pokémon on PKHeX using just a Pokémon Showdown teambuilder template. Stuff that this mod does! - Automatic Legality based on Showdown Sets: All you have to do is copy a Pokémon showdown set and go to Tools > Showdown > Import With Auto-Legality Mod and that is it! The Pokémon should become perfectly legal as long as there is a way to legalize it - Download the MGDB database latest commit as well as latest release. Thanks to Sabresite for allowing me to incorporate this feature. To do this all you have to do us go to Tools > Showdown > MGDB Download and the latest release will be downloaded and extracted in the same directory. It will also update an existing release - Automatically generate Pokemon from PGL QR Rental team codes that can be obtained from https://3ds.pokemon-gl.com/ The way to use this is also simple. Just copy the QR code in the clipboard, then go to Tools > Showdown > Import PGL QR Code. The Pokemon should be genned and all legal. They will be set in the active box Like the mod so far? Here is a Download link. The latest release can be found on my GitHub. As of making this post, it coincides with the same commit as PKHeX's official release. Here is a complete feature listing of the mod as well : Feature List For builds with the latest commits and for support (or to even contact me personally) feel free to join the discord server dedicated for this mod and its development! The full source code for this mod can be found on my GitHub Hope you all enjoy this mod!
  5. Probably still a good idea to put it under the Severity = 0 category (Fishy) so it does not mark it as illegal. (Since it technically can still be legal to nickname the Pokemon and then trade it over to another trainer in game)
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