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  1. Hi I would like to create a .3ds file after editing with pk3ds. How do I do that? I want a .3ds file to play on the pc Initially, I'm Brazilian, and hacking using guides in English is not the easiest thing in the world. Please be patient. How I got here: I extract the file from a .3ds file using HackingToolkit (by Asia81 - I think) Uncompressed .bin file in edit form on PK3DS using ctrtool And after editing in PK3DS I can not make the output files become a .3ds file. How do I do this? How should I save on PK3DS, and what software should I use? If it is something that uses a siftware based command prompt, tell me which commands. Very grateful, Renato
  2. Hi I'm a brazilian young (Dryano Hack Roms make sucess here), and i found dificulties to make modification in your rom. Your Hack roms are the best, but i wish make little modifications. Can anybody help me? Using PK3DS i get a .romfs and .exefs file. How I convert this files in a .3ds ou .cia file. You see, I intend to play on my pc Thanks
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