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  1. Setting EvolutionMethod to 0x4 changes its displayed dex id? That's odd. I thought I was getting somewhere cause all of the rest of the evo data seemed to match correctly for the Mantyke/Mantine line. EDIT: I see now, I was unclear in my original post. I was talking about setting EvolutionMethod (0x0A) to 0x04, which is Unknown on the documentation. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. I don't know how much has been discovered and just not updated and all on the research page, but I've been doing a lot of research on the current serialized data that results from the PMD stat tool so I can compile a lot of data for a thing I'm making for people to utilize. Currently, I've found out a few things I didn't see on the documentation for Pokemon (monster.md): For evolutions, 0x04 seems to point towards a needed Pokemon recruit. The only Pokemon that seems to have this is Mantine, and Param1 points towards 250, which is the INDEX for Remoraid (NOT the Dex Id or Entity Id). PreEvoIndex points towards 500, the Index for Mantyke. Shedinja seems to have a separate script for it to be added to the recruits, since the evolution value is 0, None, but the PreEvoIndex is 318 for Nincada. I'm doing a lot of serialization for all the data in PMD, and I'm not quite done but I thought I would drop some of the info I found along the way here. Thanks soooo much for this research though, it makes my project much easier to complete
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