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  1. Nice, no more duplicate IDs. I also noticed that missing IDs were put at the top of the list, rather than disappearing with script sort, which is nice as well. Also, I realize that while my initial posts were about acquiring information and assistance, my recent posts have been more along the lines of issue/bug reporting. Would you rather I just put such things at https://github.com/evandixon/SkyEditor.ROMEditor/issues ? I already posted one such report there a while ago...And two more closed issues before that one, which were from when I was foolishly using an outdated version, haha... But nevermind those! On another note... This may be useful for anyone else editing PSMD scripts with the Sky Editor ROM Editor: https://pastebin.com/V61vqTi5 These are the notes I've taken while working on scripts thus far. The lists within my notes are mostly incomplete, but someone might find it useful anyway.
  2. Phew, I was worried it was something on my end. It definitely works now, thanks! You're right, I was making an assumption when I thought it was the other message IDs. I dunno why I was so convinced of that, really. Anyway, the issue. Within the code below, seven instances of message ID 0 show up before -831791279 while using script sort. There are five instances of decimals that technically have "lone" 0's (if script sort ignores the decimal point), but I'm not sure where the other two would come from in that case, as all other instances of 0 are not lone numbers. This issue isn't the biggest deal in the world, as it will not happen nearly as much after you get done editing the scripts that use single digit message IDs... But, if you're using all ten of those message IDs in an already long script, then script sort will be pretty unusable for that script. dofile("script/include/inc_all.lua") dofile("script/include/inc_event.lua") function groundInit() end function groundStart() end function main02_partnertonodeai01_init() end function main02_partnertonodeai01_start() CAMERA:SetSisaAzimuthDifferenceVolume(Volume(3)) CAMERA:SetSisaRateVolume(Volume(0.5)) CAMERA:SetEye(SymCam("CAMERA_00")) CAMERA:SetTgt(SymCam("CAMERA_00")) CH("HERO"):WalkTo(SymPos("P01_HERO"), Speed(1.5)) SOUND:FadeInEnv(SymSnd("SE_ENV_CROSSROAD_LP"), TimeSec(0.5), Volume(256)) SCREEN_A:FadeIn(TimeSec(0.5), true) CH("HERO"):WaitMove() CAMERA:SetEye(SymCam("CAMERA_01")) CAMERA:SetTgt(SymCam("CAMERA_01")) TASK:Sleep(TimeSec(0.3)) CH("HERO"):SetMotion(SymMot("EV001_CONFIRMS"), LOOP.OFF) TASK:Sleep(TimeSec(0.2)) CH("HERO"):WaitPlayMotion() CH("HERO"):SetMotion(SymMot("WAIT02"), LOOP.ON) WINDOW:DrawFace(324, 88, SymAct("HERO"), FACE_TYPE.SPECIAL02) WINDOW:Monologue(-831791279)
  3. Awesome! Not having to fiddle with getting the thing to build successfully every time certainly helps a lot. However... I still can't get the add button to work. The added message still shows a blank dialogue window ingame, and the message still disappears from the list upon reopening the script. Saving and then reopening the editor results in added messages starting at ID 1 again, with no text leftover from previous attempts at adding that message ID. Also, a few times during testing I had it hang for a while and then crash after clicking the add button, but I couldn't figure out how to reproduce it reliably. This is the log it gave me: https://pastebin.com/ddxDhUik Semi-related: Using script sort with short message IDs (1, 2, 3, etc, like the ones the add button creates) didn't seem to behave nicely. Every instance of the ID number in the script is put in the list, even if it's part of another ID. For example, message ID -11473915 being present would make message ID 1 show up 3 extra times when using script sort. Longer scripts that use a lot of messages turn into a huge mess due to this. Or, well, it would be a huge mess, if I could get adding messages to work.
  4. No worries! I was fully expecting the ROM editor to be on the back burner. You seem to have quite a lot on your plate, after all. I'm happy just to get information about the ROM editor and my issues; I wasn't expecting a fix! So thank you for finding the time to respond, and for going the extra mile on that one. I don't know if I should feel stupid, or relieved. I've been banging my head into this issue to no avail, and of course the problem is just a rogue ) floating around. But on the other hand, it's something actually I can actually fix myself, so I'm happy for that! It might have been as simple as uttering the words "syntax error," but you've helped me a great deal by doing so. Thank you! Unrelated: Since I've had trouble finding info while editing PSMD scripts, I'm going to leave a nugget of information for others to find. You can use these lines to change the partner's gender. This comes in handy when you want to test both the cool and cute versions of a scene without a second save file. SYSTEM:SetPartnerSex(SEX.MALE) SYSTEM:SetPartnerSex(SEX.FEMALE) Now, that's useful for testing instances of WINDOW:SwitchTalk, but I wanted to do more gender-unique changes to the cutscenes. So I would need a way to check the partner's current gender... I wasn't expecting to find anything, but opening up ExeFS/code.bin and searching through the gibberish did turn up an instance of "SetPartnerSex" and right next to it was "IsPartnerFemale"... But, trying to check if SYSTEM:IsPartnerFemale == true just gave me a syntax error. Perhaps there's a correct way to use that, or maybe it's just a nonfunctional thing. Edit: Proving I really don't know what I'm doing, it was as simple as putting a '()' after it. Now I can do everything I wanted to! if SYSTEM:IsPartnerFemale() then cute partner stuff else cool partner stuff end
  5. I've ran into another problem using the ROM Editor. Any of my changes to the script for the last part of chapter 1 (shinryokuclear1st.lua) are not present in-game. Other script edits prior to this point in the story have worked fine, but this script always remains vanilla for some reason. Even building with a totally empty script still has the cutscene proceed normally, besides the message edits. Edit: I encountered the same issue when editing the second part of chapter 2 (nanikanokehai.lua). No script changes apply on build.
  6. Hello, I am new here and I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I couldn't manage to find a better place to discuss the Sky Editor Rom Editor. I am trying my hand at making a script/text mod for PSMD. For now, I've just been testing and getting accustomed to the editor. While editing messages and scripts is fairly straightforward, I haven't been successful at adding new messages. Any messages added with the "Add" button simply don't work, and they disappear from the message list if I save and reopen the file. As you can imagine, not being able to use more messages than there are in the original script, is quite limiting. Am I doing something wrong, or is adding messages just not functional yet? I am using version if that makes a difference. Edit: I've discovered \EE00, and so I've been able to work around this problem for the most part.
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