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  1. Why does sleep powder have 5 PP, as in the same as spore a move that has 25 accuracy over it? Why does tailwind only last 2 turns instead of 4?
  2. There is no problem, it was changed in more recent versions. Maybe Stars thought that 2 easy access pseudo-legendaries before the first boss was a kinda game breaking.
  3. Question: does Clefairy learn Follow Me? It hasn't as of level 38.
  4. Mt. Battle, starts at lvl. 25 and raises by 5 for every area.
  5. Not sure if it's been fixed but in 1.0.7, herb items would just not work at all. It would always say that "it is meaningless" to use it.
  6. I don't think I should say anything specific, I believe the only thing I can tell you is to google for it and you're bound to find it eventually.
  7. Ok never mind I got it fixed: just had to try out ISOs from many different sites until I landed the right one. I'll try to keep a hold of it this time.
  8. Which patcher, I only know of NUPS and Tsukuyomi, the latter of which didn't work and was early on in this thread found to not work.
  9. Why can't I seem to patch my iso? I know it's the US version, I made sure of it by running it on dolphin and checked it's properties. And yet every time NUPS says that the patch doesn't match the file. At this point it's kinda funny that I somehow manage to have trouble patching every time a new version comes out.
  10. The change log for the new version says "sitrus berry heals 50% HP" and then near the end says "sitrus berry restores 25% HP". What's the difference? Or is one of the berries wrongly named there?
  11. Yes, I've tried it. Remember though that just like Dolphin, your memory card will read XG's saves as vanilla XD save files, keep that in mind when saving your game.
  12. I'm done!! And my thoughts are mostly positive. The Shadow Pokémon roster is pretty varied, so much so that I managed to have 4 full tempo sets in the purify chamber as early as the ONBS takeover. Similar praise goes to the wild Pokémon even though 25 mons per Poké Spot seems a little too much considering how these areas work. One thing I don't get is the purpose behind so many repeats, there're aren't as many as older versions but it popped up after I looked into what mons I could find in the wild. Speaking of repeats, this time concerning TMs, you get the picture (repeated I found numbers 3, 4, 5, 8, 19, 22, 23, 31, 34, 39, 40, 41 and 50). Also, I like the notably increased catch rate for most Shadows, especially because tanking them is no easy task (more so than XD) so it balances out. My only major issue is in regard to certain shadow attacks; the multi target(Swim, Shake, etc.), is it possible you make it so that they don't hit the partner as to prevent them from fainting another Shadow, Ardos in particular took me 4 tries because his Shadows kept killing each other with Shadow Swim; the recoil moves (Lunge, Crash, etc.), change the recoil so that the user can't kill itself, kinda like how Shadow End would deal recoil damage equal to half the user's remaining HP (though I suppose if you did that you may as well ditch the former ones and bring Shadow End back); and finally, I will make a predictable request and ask that you GET RID OF SHADOW BOOM!!! And now for the more minor issues: -Text inconsistencies persist (trainers both directly and indirectly referring to mons they no longer have, Pyrite Colosseum's registration info is outdated, etc.). -At one point the mirror radar alerted me of Mirror B at the Rock Poké Spot, when I got there all I found were Trudly and Folly. I could talk with them and their dialogue seemed like that I would get when talking to them at a colosseum. Also, Mirror B himself never appeared. -Aurora Veil has no PP and as such doesn't work. -Mach Punch has Shadow Veil's description. -The AI likes to get stuck using Shadow Veil and Shadow Room. -Late game Shadows take way too long to purify, especially the legendaries, not even at max tempo and flow do they progress at a comfortable pace. -And finally, some of the Shadow attacks sound a bit wimpy, any chance you can change Shadow Summer to Shadow Scorch and Shadow Swim to Shadow Tsunami.
  13. Let me guess, Lovrina's new tendency of using # a lot somewhat bothered you like it did to me. The name changes don't really bother me, though I've been playing XD for so long that I can't let go of the big names; Krane, Lovrina, Snattle, Gonzap, Gorigan, Ardos, Eldes, Greevil, and even a few minor ones like Naps, Tecot, Zook, Exol and Smarton.
  14. I'm having an issue with patching the iso. I'm using a clean iso, I made sure of that through Dolphin. It boots, it doesn't crash the emulator and I can save no problem. When i try patching it, with NUPS by the way, it insist that "This patch doesn't match the file. Patching canceled.". Any idea on what I can do?
  15. Wow, I haven't seen this hack since 0.9.8 or something like that. I'll look forward to seeing how much it's improved since then. On a side not, do you intend to go back to Mausoleum and put it up to date with XG in terms of mechanics and other changes?
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