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  1. Help with a Snorlax.

    Ok, didn't know that. It works now, thanks!
  2. Help with a Snorlax.

    Ok, thanks 143 - Gluttony - 9BBDACD72AA0.pk7
  3. Help with a Snorlax.

    I've been trying to create a Snorlax with the ability Gluttony and the moves Return, High Horsepower, Curse and Recycle. PkHex keeps telling me there's something wrong with the Relearn Moves (which are, in order, Tackle, Curse and Recycle). "Invalid Relearn Move 3: Snorlax Inherited Move. Incompatible with Munchlax inherited moves.". This is the first time something like this has happened to me so I don't understand what's wrong. I even tried to create a Munchlax with those moves and then evolve it into Snorlax but PkHex still flags it as illegal. I suppose it will be something obvious that I'm missing but I need help with it. Thank you.
  4. If you are able to do it, you should update your hacks so they can be used easily the "Drag and drop" way that Luma enables now. Tried doing it myself with the files but couldn't get it to work, game just crashes before opening (maybe I'm just a noob ).