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  1. Thanks! Been looking for this everywhere. where can i plug in 0609 in PKHex to make snorlax reappear?
  2. in my hgss save file, where is the option to respawn snorlax?
  3. in PKHEX 20200622 i was looking through the HGSS Event Flags and i didn't see the Route 11 Snorlax? Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Thanks for the info! I forgot to mention the Mew is transfered to gen 7 moon. When I hold Ctrl and click the legality box, I get the following: Invalid: Encounter Type PID mismatch. === Valid Move 1: Learned by TM/HM in Generation 6. Valid Move 2: Learned by Level-up in Generation 3. Valid Move 3: Learned by TM/HM in Generation 4. Valid Move 4: Learned by TM/HM. Valid Relearn Move 1: Valid. Valid Relearn Move 2: Valid. Valid Relearn Move 3: Valid. Valid Relearn Move 4: Valid. Valid: Valid gift/static encounter. Valid: Nickname does not match another species name. Valid: Current level is not below met level. Valid: All ribbons accounted for. Valid: Ability matches ability number. Valid: Correct ball for encounter type. Valid: Form is Valid. Valid: Special ingame Fateful Encounter. Valid: Gender matches PID. Valid: Nature matches PID. Valid: History block is valid. Valid: Geolocation: Country is in 3DS region. === Encounter Type: Static Encounter (E) (Mew) PID Type: None Is it considered legal?
  5. In the latest build 20170702, there still seems to be Legality Bug with Gen 3 Pokemon (My Faraway Island Mew In Particular). If I use Past Build 20170424 (Attached File), It shows it as Legal. Should I use this PKHEX build 20170424 to check on legality of Gen 3 Pokemon? PKHeX.exe 151 - Aura - 55E0EE863292.pk7
  6. Thanks for the reply. I'll wait for next release. The eevee was bred in game, is it legitimate despite the pkhex message?
  7. I legitimately bred an eevee w/ egg move detect but in pkhex it says "Static Encounter Relearn Mismatch" How do I fix this? All the eeveelutions i received in trades have this error too. Is this just a false positive?
  8. I bred a eevee w/ detect but in pkhex it says "Static Encounter Relearn Mismatch" How do I fix this?
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