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  1. Oh! That's a relief. Thanks a lot for the clarification, everything worked perfectly!
  2. Hello! I was really interested in doing a playthrough of Explorers of Sky and maybe Blue Rescue Team as a Kirlia with some modified portraits for Explorers, but I found that the tool wasn't working properly on my machine. Everything worked as according to the guide, but once I got to creating a New File, I found that the dropdown wasn't displaying what was expected to be displayed. I ended up trying to select the option corresponding to Blue Rescue Team to see if the options would have still functioned either way, but ended up with the following error messages. (And a bunch pf others corresponding to the personality types and partner options) If it helps at all, the version of the .NET Framework I'm running on is version 4.8. Thanks a bunch of you still happen to be checking these comments!
  3. These dudes have been generated. Thanks anyways if you were looking to do so!
  4. Hello! I'm kind of new to this, but I was hoping that someone would be able to trade me these shinies through a Wi-Fi trade. I've included two pk7 files that should contain the Pokemon I'm asking for. Popplio Ralts Lopunny Popplio.pk7 Ralts.pk7 Lopunny.pk7
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