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  1. Okay I'm not really sure what I've done wrong but no matter what I've done rebuilding a CIA of Alpha Sapphire with the custom cro files doesn't work putting the cro files in the correct directory for Luma crashes as well. I'm using a N3DS XL with Luma 8.1 If anyone knows why this could be crashing that would be great thanks.
  2. Yeah I built it with Visual Studio just fine
  3. It's just the download I put the URL for the file into VirusTotal and it only got found by two antivirus I don't think it's a virus I'm just going to build the thing myself
  4. Well this has really confused me stuff like this is really out of my league.
  5. I had the theory that it was linked the save file itself with some bytes that get overwritten after you transfer for the first time with Dream Radar seems like I was correct.
  6. Ah Okay I guess the ones that are in the Gen 7 wondercard thread aren't good?
  7. Hmm I think I've found the next thing I can RNG abuse in Gen 7 thanks to the fact they can be shiny. Double post, merged: I wonder when the wonder cards are going to be uploaded.
  8. It's pretty hard trying to use a program with a broken Japanese UI
  9. I did all that and well Dream Radar didn't see anything wrong with the save file but after going into the game and then it told me that it was corrupted and it just resets the file to the state it was before the hex edit there must be something else I'm missing since I don't see why Dream Radar didn't see anything wrong with it while White 2 itself saw something wrong with it.
  10. I just want to be able to send the Genies from Dream Radar to my save file since if already got them I can't resend them I just wanted to know of a way around the fact I can't send them back without injecting a pre sent over one from this site
  11. Yeah that didn't work for what I first tried I'm a bit confused about the mirage island thing as well.
  12. Hmm I'll try that I didn't think of doing that.
  13. Yeah no matter what sort of editing I do to the area with a hex editor it will either send the Pokemon from Dream Radar then when in game tells me that it's corrupt and it will format the data and the other case it won't send it through Dream Radar just gives me a error.
  14. How does the Mirage Island hunting work in ORAS I've never done it before and for the Mirror I've already got in White 2.
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