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  1. iPhone cannot be used to do this, no. Another reason to get an Android
  2. sure, there's lots of possibilities. That hadn't occurred to me before though honestly. A lot of people also use the wifi hotspot technique. But that's a great idea
  3. Just for anyone not aware yet, the Nintendo WFC, which was shut down in 2014, is accessible WITHOUT USING ANY HACKS in generation 4 and 5 pokemon games (other games as well) using Wiimmfi and other custom servers. Here is the tutorial on how to connect: Video Tutorial Here is the invite link to the Pokemon Generations 4 & 5 Custom Wi-fi Servers discord: Discord Server Invite
  4. Hey! I actually just made a youtube video on this topic. Here's the link: Lock Capsule Relocator Event Tutorial
  5. Sorry for posting on an old thread but, for anyone still interested, I just posted a youtube video explaining how to do this. No idea how to use offsets or anything like that but here was my method:
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