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  1. Hi guys! My girlfriend started her first Pokémon Game (Platinum) a couple of months ago. We would like to play together online, but all the custom NWFC servers I tested worked only for GTS and Battle Videos. I was wondering, is there a custom server that allows the use of the IV Gen WiFi Club? What is its DNS? Thank you so much in advance :3
  2. Hi everyone! Even if I read projectpokemon news and topics more or less everyday, I hardly ever write comments or topics. Anyway, today I need your help. Sadly, even if the new games give competitive players a HUGE helping hand, there are still no "0 IV Bottle Cup". Since the in Season 3 Gigantamax Hatterene will be unbanned, I would like to upgrade the one in my team. If someone is so kind to inject this file into his Save File and trade it to me they will make me very happy. Thank you in advance! ♥ 858 - Hatterene - 3B3D698153FC.pk8
  3. I see. :'( I'll trade Victini from the R4 Savefile then Thank you anyway ^^
  4. Omg, did I seriously remember my password? Anyway, I'm pretty good at editing 4th Gen Wondercards, but I have a big problem with the "new" BW PMGE... There's an option called "Redistribution", so I tried to set it on "5". (I was using a random save file with the Liberty Pass injected, I'm going to restart an original Pokémon White so I'd like to share the gift and catch Victini again) But ingame I don't actually have a "Share" option, and I read that BW Mystery Cards aren't shareable... if it's true, I don't understand the meaning of the "Redistribution" option in the PMGE. There's a way t
  5. Salve, sono Italiano, quindi per favore usate il Google Translator. Io non me ne intendo molto di questi file, comunque un Video Lotta che ho caricato parte un turno dopo, e questo sballa il seguito. Link: https://www.pokecheck.org/?bid=859978828737 Se posso aiutarvi a risolverlo ne sarei felice, il file .EBV lo devo postare?
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