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  1. does it say "show package contents"? instead of "open with.."
  2. Ok. Im not sure if you did last time, but wait until it says that the prefix is made. and then continue opening the pkhx app.
  3. @Are You 18 Now No, that didn't happen when Winebottler finished for me. If i were in your situation, i would confirm that the app is in the location where it was targeted to install. If it's in the install location, I could click the (X) next to the progress bar. After clicking the (X) it may say prefix failed to install, or it may close peacefully. Glad that its working for you!
  4. can you share a screen shot of that window? When Wine wraps up, it will say something like: New Prefix Created. Or something similar.
  5. One and done! Atleast until the next release, hahahaaa
  6. @Are You 18 Now Ive downloaded the most recent .zip from the PKHeX page... I am currently simulating what I did last night just to make sure I am giving you the correct info and advice... But basically, when you tick the MS .NET 4.6 box inside of Winebottler wintricks, it will go through a process of installing "Microsoft .NET" components. First you will be prompted to perform the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 install process. After that you will notice more of these dialogues. They range from MS .NET 2.0 to .NET 2.0 SP1 to .NET 2.0 SP2 to .NET 3.0 etc, etc, etc, etc! -- ***PAY ATTENTION- in the middle of the whole process, a dialogue will ask you to restart your pc! Click [restart later] as that isn't relevant to the process.*** --Anyway, It will lead you all the way to Microsoft .NET framework 4.5 and this is where it stops and the Wine application finishes its thing. Patience is the major component for this process. in the time that it took me to compose this reply, Winebottler has finished for me, and PKHeX is operational. Enjoy
  7. @Are You 18 Now Lets talk about this MacOS / Wine issue at the link below? N'est pas?
  8. @Garlic @Keystone @theSLAYER A new version of PKHeX was release a short time ago! Download the non Mono one. So if you would like to use Wine Bottler, it will work. Pay attention to the release notes as the current release uses Internal program version .NET 4.6. So when you build with Wine Bottler, remember to select .NET 4.6 in the Winetricks option. It may take longer than a typical Wine. Thank you @Kaphotics Flawless Victory
  9. Something that might be helpful for a Mac user if Wine Bottler does not work for them. Download Xamarin Studio from https://www.xamarin.com/download Then navigate to http://teamcity.projectpokemon.org/overview.html Log in as guest, Tick "Save Editors" and then tick the sub "PKHeX" look for the master row, click on artifacts which leads to the .zip file for the latest build for PKHeX Mono. Download that .zip and then extract that .zip (Check regularly for updates as the team graciously supplies updates for Mono.) The following are the steps that I take to run PKHeX. Keep in mind that this process of running PKHeX is very buggy. So you should make a backup of your save data before continuing. You will probably encounter the program freezing or even force closing at random times. In order to avoid frustration, I export my SAVEDATA to "main" very often after executing different things in PKHeX. And you can never have too many backups Start Xamarin Studio. After, click the Run tab and then click the Debug Application.. sub. (SCREEN SHOT 1) Browse to the previously unzipped PKHeX Mono Build folder and select the PKHeX.exe and then click Open.(SCREEN SHOT 2) Debugging starts and opens PKHeX. (SCREEN SHOT 3) If anyone has a different method than I do, please share with me as I am very new to these types of things. Please correct me if I am doing these things wrong. Thank you for reading. @Garlic @Keystone @theSLAYER @Kaphotics
  10. from this link https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX scroll to the bottom and follow the instructions. ****"IDE PKHeX can be opened with IDEs such as Visual Studio or MonoDevelop by opening the .sln or .csproj file. GNU/Linux "Install MonoDevelop and Mono runtime with flatpak install --user --from https://download.mono-project.com/repo/monodevelop.flatpakref. GNU/Linux is not the main Operating System of developers of this program so there may be bugs; some may come from non GNU/Linux specific code of Mono (so developers using *BSD, Windows and OS X should be able to reproduce them)."**** So... Download MonoDevelop Download Mono And finally, download the LinuxMono build of PKHeX from this link: http://teamcity.projectpokemon.org/viewLog.html?buildId=153&tab=artifacts&buildTypeId=PKHeX_BuildLinuxMono All credit must go to @Kaphotics
  11. Hey @D365 the Mono build is the way to go on this apparently. I wish you luck.
  12. im trying to wrap it at this moment.
  13. can you post the link to the latest version @D365 I will try to wrap it.
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