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  1. Alright, thank you! It just intrigued me because I thought it simply never existed in XD. Then again, StarsMMD can do almost anything with XD and I'm excited for more.
  2. Curious to ask, how did you get Deoxys-Defense in the game? I didn't even know the models for the alternate Deoxys forms even existed until Battle Revolution!
  3. Personally I don't think Beldum makes the game easy, in fact, I'd argue it's actually worse than Jolteon or Vaporeon and outright inferior to Espeon. It has a wondrous starting movepool that's useful for attacking and snagging Shadow Pokemon, but it gets into battles I often felt it couldn't stay in for without being vaporized by Dark or Ground STAB and by mid/lategame are when its stats really show until you evolve it into Metagross. Don't get the wrong idea though. It was my MVP, and these were back in the older patches where you only had Beldum as your starter. I used Zigzagoon like a few times for a Reflect and then immediately benched it. I think Zigzagoon would've been infinitely better off if it were an early shadow Pokemon because at least then you could justify it potentially getting good moves to patch up its horrible stats. Could you imagine Zigzagoon if it got Extremespeed or Seed Bomb through purification? It'd be an early-game god, even if it'd inevitably suck at midgame.
  4. curious to ask, why did beldum got changed to a zigzagoon? the only response i saw was about beldum largely being deadweight, but from earlier versions I played beldum was easily the mvp and zigzagoon seems more like a deadweight utility I benched almost immediately after i got it
  5. Get an ISO of Pokemon X.D (find it yourself), download the XG patch and patch the iso with NUPS
  6. And one more thing (sorry to be a nuisance), but is there a list of Shadow Pokemon and Pokespot Pokemon available that's been compiled yet? Pokespot Pokemon intrigue me the most, I've seen playthroughs where people get legends like Raikou from them. also omg shiny metang is cool
  7. Hi. I tried using NUPS to patch 0.9.7 to a clean NTSC-U rom so I could play it with Nintendont. However, when i applied the patch, NUPS displayed the following: Error reading file Pokemon XG.iso (yes I renamed it) Tsukuyomi still deletes the iso when patching it. I don't know what to do, and I don't want to play an older version and miss out on a Shadow Pokemon. EDIT: If anyone could tell me how they managed to get it to work on their iso, or provide me a link to 0.9.6's patch, that'd be appreciated. EDIT 2: I found a prepatched ISO of XG 0.9.6 (don't ask where I got it) and I was able to play it perfectly without any issues on Nintendont! In fact, when I started, my Beldum just so happened to be Shiny. I don't know if it's shiny-only, but looking at other playthroughs I think I'm just a lucky man. No, I did not use cheats. Ralts and Eevee are not shiny.
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