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  1. I do have a 10 anniv distribution cart! I got it way back in 2011-2012 on a nintendo forum like this, and I thought I was the first or one of the first to get one. It came with a red gba that I ended up selling years ago to a fellow nintendo collector. I kept the cart ( which initially couldn't be taken out due to a metal device not allowing me to. After a few minutes' job I took it out without any harm to the cart) and to my surprise ( at the time) it had no labels on it besides that japanese standard label on gba prototypes, and I have another of it of some disney game that I got in a trade a long time ago. They are identical, both 128mbit. I tried to overwrite the disney game but I had no luck with any device, including a ds flashcart and some softwares. So I don't think it's doable without proper official nintendo equipment, which I have never seen in the "nintendo" forums or ebay market I remember wanting so bad to inject a pokemon hackrom in there so I could make a great april's fool to a fellow pokemon collector friend, pretending it was a real nintendo proto. I lost all my hopes when I found out I couldn't do it without an official nintendo unit @theSLAYER Sorry, I didn't read your post. I'll leave the discussion to mew. So are the files legit or not?
  2. Hey! I've just subscribed and this site is amazing! A fellow member told me to subscribe and I finally have. I have collected tons of event pokemon, savs and roms along the years ( especially 5th gen, I love that gen) and can't wait to be part of this community. I don't have much time to be an active member, but I will make the most of my time here
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