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  1. Can we add "items not in their proper pockets" to that list? >.> (Although I don't think this is even possible without enabling illegal mode.) I recently found out I randomly had a Thunder Stone in my banned Sun game's medicine pocket, and now I am quite positive this is what triggered my ban.
  2. 999 of every obtainable Ball and Berry. However I've had these since prior to the last ban wave and I was spared. The only other difference was this team that was in a Battle Team and locked for reasons that will get me banned from here: However, considering I still got the reward, I don't believe any of these six tripped it.
  3. I think the major reason they only ban the Game Sync ID is to give cheaters a second chance to play legitimately. Especially since this line is a thing: I've received a ban in Gen 6 PGL, inquired customer support about it, and they told me to make a new game and continue playing legitimately. Banned again in this recent wave, noticed a particular Pikachu wearing a cap in my boxes wondering how the hell it got there. Or a shiny Tapu Koko wonder card tripped it.
  4. If you were to view a 'mon with Game ID 34 in Bank, Bank itself will say it's from GO.
  5. From the looks of it, broken loop. https://twitter.com/pokemon_PhD/status/791653002415337473
  6. Latest official trailer has revealed these two lines are for Psychic Terrain.
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