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  1. Also would like the player to be in the default clothing. It's not a dealbreaker if it isn't, just preferred.
  2. For example, I have Adamant.pk6, but I have over 300+ but just with a different name, I wanna convert all of those files to .pk7 while still keeping that file name. I have attached the beast of .pk6s that need to be converted to .pk7. there are many, and when I mean many, I mean MANY. i can't just drop the folder into a gen 7 pkhex window, dump all the boxes to a folder and change the names manually, no no that would take a great deal of time. it already took me almost two hours to complete the old one.
  3. It does have it's normal ability and phanpy does not have multiple formes that i know of
  4. Also how would I fix the ability is not valid for species/form? what is pkhex changing that makes it legal?
  5. I didn't know pkhex automatically fixed legality for you. that's awesome, thanks
  6. This is a really weird problem, so I'll try to explain this as best as I can. Below, I have created a script that'll change the Pokemon in slot one to a Phanpy. After running the script, all the Pokemon are changed to Phanpy, but all the Pokemon have an illegal mark on all of them. I selected one of the Phanpys and clicked the illegal mark to find out what's wrong, it changes to Legal and shows the checkmark. I thought it was just PKHeX being buggy, so I left it. I injected all the changed Pokemon into my game and tried to wonder trade. For all of them, it showed "There is a problem with this Pokemon". I go back into PKHeX and select a Phanpy, click the illegal mark so it'll show as "Legal" then replace that Phanpy with the Phanpy that is being marked as illegal. I inject that Phanpy into game and it goes through wonder trade with no problems. =Box=1 .Species=231 .IsNicknamed=True .IsNicknamed=False .IsNicknamed=True .IsNicknamed=False .Nature=3 .Ball=5 .Move1=583 .Move2=68 .Move3=420 .Move4=34 .RelearnMoves=$suggest How to replicate problem: 1. Download .pk7 file : 546 - Cottonee - 204764F52F21.pk7 2. Place Cottonee in box 1 3. Run the script 4. The cottonee will change into Phanpy, but with an illegal mark on it. Inject this phanpy into game and the game should not allow you to trade it. 5. Do steps 1-3 again, but select the Phanpy, and click the "illegal sign", and it should say it's legal, and the symbol should change to a checkmark. Alternatively, replacing the selected Phanpy in the box again will remove the illegal mark 6. Try wonder trading phanpy and it'll go through Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.
  7. I can't seem to find it in resources on the Github. If someone can give me a text file or something that'd be great. Anyways, I'm trying to mass hatch eggs, here's the code I'm using now. =Box=32 .IsEgg=False .IsNicknamed=False .Met_Location=110 .MetDate=20171227 If I set the .Met_Location= to something other than a multiple of 10, it sets the met location to nothing. In other words, I can only put in IDs like 10, 20, 30 etc. for valid locations. I'm also trying to find a command that'll set the .MetDate to the date of the computer.
  8. (From PM) That's really weird, I've never had this problem before with any Pokemon. I deleted the relearn moves from an Abra and checked to see if PkHeX thought it was captured, and it didn't. 063 - Abra - 2F57747577A6.pk7
  9. I genned a HA Glaceon that was hatched from an egg at Paniola Ranch in an Apricorn ball and HA. Pkhex says this, for word: Invalid: Hidden Ability mismatch for encounter type. Invalid: Can't have ball for encounter type. It's treating as if I caught it in the wild. I know for sure, you can get HA Eevee in apricorn ball. I also injected the Glaceon into my game and tried to trade it and it worked. file attatched 471 - Glaceon - 0975B2A55DB5.pk7
  10. I mass hatch some eggs today and I saw that the met_date is set to 1/1/2000. Is there a way to mass set Pokemon met_date to Today? Like how with the editor you can click on the calender icon and there is an option to set it to today? Pls ask if you need clarification.
  11. https://github.com/drgoku282/PKMN-NTR/issues/122#event-1390837377 Is it possible for PKHeX to be able to inject Pokemon on the go? PKMN-NTR can, but you can only inject one at a time. I asked the developer to implement the ability inject multiple Pokemon at the same time but he said it was too dangerous and that PKMN-NTR wasn't made to handle lots of data. So... I'm asking here. Is it possible??
  12. How would I do that?? I haven't been able to find an option in pkhex. EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out!!
  13. If it's not possible yet, then can you implement iit in the next release ? thanks!
  14. Editing Pokemon for 6th gen, when I put in the suggested move set, pkhex detects it as legal, (probably because the move set was intended for7th gen) but when I try to trade it online, it was detected as illegal and I couldn't trade it. I cleared the move set and just put in return, and it passed through wonder trade with no problems. I attached a pk6 of the pokemon with the illegal move set. Also a suggestion, maybe you could add a shortcut to copy moves from the Relearn moves to current moves? Thanks 390 - Chimchar - 13DA6A47EA60.pk6
  15. Whenever I click on the egg moves/moves box for a suggestion, it glitches out, and doesn't add in the suggested moves. Also the moves flicker from (None) back to the original move repeatedly.
  16. Checking it yourself is incredibly easy... inject into your game and try to wonder trade it, use it on battle spot etc. I can't check the pk7 now since I don't have my laptop with me, but make sure the met location is from a gen 3 game and under, Poke Transfer hatched from an egg.
  17. I'm in the normal mode, and I checked the legality by holding control right click like you said. It still says it's legal. I have been re-setting them in the boxes with their correct abilities with no luck. It still shows as "(None)" or has the ability of the Pokemon before it.
  18. For some reason, box data report get's the abilities mixed up. I check in pkhex, and it still says the correct ability. When I inject the Pokemon into my game, it shows up as the wrong ability and then I can't use it online. If you look at magnezone, it has Sand Stream as the ability... But if I look at it in Pkhex, it still says the correct ability. I injext magnezone into my game, and it says Sandstream as it's ability.
  19. There was a thread posted here or on reddit that provided all gen 5 and under events. I foolishly didn't bookmark it when I had the chance and now I can't find it. If someone has the link or something I would be really grateful.
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