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  1. Ah ok cool, didn't get a notification for that comment, thanks for pointing me to that.
  2. I've found an issue with the met level of Pokemon Go Legendaries. They should have a met level of 15 if encountered from a task and these can only come in Poke balls, Great balls and Ultra balls. They have a met level of 20 or 25 if encountered from a raid and these can only be available in premier balls. What I have found is that if the met level is set to anywhere between 15 and 50 it thinks it's legal and will even think a level 15 in a premier ball is legal. It then thinks current level of 15 is legal too if met level is set to 15, this is below the level it should be in a premier ball. H
  3. Yes, that does seem to be the case. Just from what I know and the information I can find they should be illegal but PKHeX is saying they are legal. Shouldn't be any way to get a level 15 shiny Legendary in a premier ball from what I can find but maybe I'm missing something.
  4. I play Pokemon Go and my understanding is that Legends have a met level of 15 from the weekly research tasks which can only be caught in poke balls, great balls and ultra balls. Can get them at a met level of 20 from raids and 25 from weather boosted raids, both of those only in premier balls. I'm setting up a set of shiny Legends/Mythicals in PKHeX and for some reason I'm managing to make them Level 15 in premier balls and PKHeX is saying they are legal, only one its flagging is Genesect, soon as I make that level 20 it's legal. Only way to get Level 15 ones in premier balls as far as I know
  5. Is there a way to set the hatch counter with a batch command? I have 8 and a half boxes worth of eggs I want to adjust haha.
  6. Thanks guys, I had never encountered this before so didn't know that it wasn't an issue with PKHeX and I've been doing this for over 7 months haha. The Xor part of the PID is new to me. I had tried multiple rerolls without any luck. Got it working now, thank you.
  7. Could you please explain how to roll them correctly? I'm having the same issue, can't seem to make the Max Lair Legendaries shiny. I've always just clicked the shiny button for star shiny and shift clicked it for square shiny but that's giving me the wring PID's for these.
  8. Just opened my save file and my Galarian Articuno was fine but both my Galarian Zapdos and Moltres are being flagged. It says it's unable to match an encounter from origin game. I'm playing on Shield. I chased Zapdos and caught it near the Watchtower Ruins and caught the Moltres in the Soothing Wetlands. Both level 70, I have 8 badges and I havn't touched anything on the Pokemon. Soon as I caught them they went into the boxes. No training, leveling, changing moves or editing. Version of PKHeX is 20201024 145-01 - Zapdos - 325F0DF322B3.pk8 146-01 - Moltres - B80AC88D14C
  9. Are you being sarcastic? I'm using PKHeX, didn't really think there were more programs here? What shortcuts are you referring to? At the moment I'm right clicking every slot individually and clicking set. If there's a shortcut please enlighten me. Actually thanks, I found out the shortcut. Silly me didn't even think to look up shortcuts, my mind went straight to the batch editor. Thank you.
  10. Hello, I've tried fiddling around myself and tried searching for a way to no avail. Is there a way to use the batch editor or something to fill an entire box or two with the same Pokemon? Or do I have to set each slot manually every time?
  11. Yeah, thanks for your help.
  12. Hmm, could be, I tried testing changing some of the moves manually in game and using the egg move transfer method thriugh the daycare I was acrually able to transfer Fake Out to both of them. This is a good idea, might run some more tests and use that to check it.
  13. I have created a couple of Pikachu that PKHeX is saying is legal but when I try and trade them in SwSh it says there's something wrong with both of them. All I've done is made them 6IV, added EVs, chnaged the moves and changed the stat nature on one. I was thinking about the moves but a couple of them are taught from the move tutor in SUMO and a couple via TR/TMs in SwSh. I have attached both Pikachu, can anyone help me identify what the issue is please? 025-01 - Pikachu - 6121F904572C.pk8 025-07 ★ - Pikachu - 0EF049F1A7EB.pk8
  14. Oh ok, well there you go, guess I learnt something today haha. My PKHeX is up to date too (it doesn't show an update available in the top corner and just checked the download page) so not sure why it's flagging my Gmax Toxtricity as illegal. It was caught from this months event den.
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