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  1. Yeah, something is clearly up with Windows Defender and false positives. Booted it up today and claimed the dll was a Trojan yet again.
  2. Yeah, I have no clue what happened. It's going fine so far. Might've just been Windows losing it's mind again.
  3. I'm not even sure what happened. Updated 2 days ago, everything was fine. I just boot up my PC and this happens. PKHeX had an error opening and the alert kept going off. Is this an isolated incident or was there a problem in the files? edit: redownloaded PKHeX and it opens just fine. Hopefully it stays that way tomorrow.
  4. Oh. My. God. It was the file extensions being hidden. Why on earth does windows have that hidden by default?! Gah!! Major appreciation! Love the helpfulness of this forum!!
  5. After reading into all of that, I actually had to log in again. I've tried to follow those steps and I only have 3 files in my PKHeX folder. Tried creating a .bat file and it just stays in .txt form. Is there something I'm missing to make PKHaX work?
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