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  1. Channels are the audio channels, as in 1/2 or Right/Left I also forgot to mention that the program may not accept the files if not both of them are either looped or unlooped and if you want to know how it works I can give you my "notes" and the code on some site like Github
  2. Also don't worry about the file size, you can guess it from the size of the extracted files and the program will tell you when it's too big. Also the program will take all the information about the file, including the loop data, from the first file, which means that ,even if you have different loops for both the files you want to insert, it will take the loop from there, I just advise you to loop both to be sure. Also about the exporting as .wav, you should export as 16 bit and if the track you want to import is stereo you first have to make it into 2 mono channel files by clicking on the name of the track here Link and then going to split stereo to mono and then closing one of the tracks and then exporting it again or directly starting with setting the loop. Repeat this and close the other track this time to make the other mono channel.
  3. There is a branch of audacity here which can export and import .dsp files , which means that you can load a normal file and export it as .dsp. First export the normal file as .wav and then reopen it in audacity. Be sure both channels have different enough names so that audacity doesn't try to open both files to make stereo. To make loop points you have to select the part of the song you want to loop by dragging the cursor (You can select the whole file by pressing CTRL +A to make it loop from end to beginning) and then go to "edit" then to "Paste Text to New Label" ( make sure your clipboard is empty of long text(clipboard meaning CTRL +C / V)) then name the new label ( the track beneath the music track) "LOOP" and then export as .dsp. Do this for both channels. The program won't let you replace unlooped files with looped files and looped files with unlooped files to make sure it doesn't cause problems.
  4. Help with making the .dsp files ? Just ask me about anything you need.
  5. Yes, I wrote this for a Repaint group and we managed to insert Linkin Park music The video is on another person's Channel Also the file you want to insert is limited by the sample amount of the original music to prevent any pointer problems. Any other differences like sample rate are inserted properly though. If you have any problems with the program, just tell me.
  6. Hello, I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I wrote a small Tool in Java that can insert .dsp files into the music .fsys files found in Pokemon and thought you'd like to have it since you mentioned possibly editing music in the hacking thread. It's rather slow and inefficient because I'm not a good programmer but it (hopefully) does what is needs to and tells you what's wrong when it doesn't. It can insert two monochannel .dsp files into one .fsys file and can extract from a .fsys file too. If you want the music to loop, the .dsp files must contain loop points, otherwise it just plays once and if it's replacing a normally looped file it might continue to play other data. it can also extract and insert soundeffects from/into .samp files provided you also supply the corresponding sdir file you have to extract from common.fsys . all the files must be in the same folder as the Jar for it to work. Also don't worry when the button freezes, that just means it's processing and it may take a while. Jar Download I hope this helps you
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