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  1. Seems so! I have another code to be redeemed which I shall do after a few days. I will let you know if the TID/SID is different for that one.
  2. TID - 36462 SID - 03646 OT - 20TH I had traded it from my JPN 3DS to NA 3DS. In case that matters.
  3. Alright! I will let you know when I have checked it!
  4. Hello! I have a 7-11 Mew code which I will be redeeming it soon (in a couple of hours). What exactly should I do in order verify the WCID? I have an original JPN 3DS with CFW. If you tell me what I need to do, I will be more than happy to help!
  5. Wow! Its been a while since I last looked at Gen3 event research but things seem to have progressed quite a lot! Great job guys! Also I think it would be useful to post the savefiles/pk3 files in the first post so it is easier for everyone to access them.
  6. This sounds really good! I will try it out now! EDIT - I am getting an unhandled exception when I try to convert a smogon set. I have attached the bug report. The set which I tried to import was - Victini IVs: 26 Atk / 24 Def / 7 SpD / 25 Spe Ability: Victory Star Level: 50 Bold Nature - V-create - Fusion Flare - Fusion Bolt - Searing Shot
  7. Great work Suloku! I have a legit copy of Dream Radar and Black 2 so this is quite useful to me! I was wondering if you had a .cia version of this? Thanks to the new Soundhax & Fasthax, everyone can have Custom Firmware. So a .cia file would be better as they can directly install this program on their 3DS with FBI or something like that.
  8. ouch that sounds rough... Hopefully the curling reflex stops soon. Well I did not mean implementing each and the every one of those customizable wallpapers. What I meant were the dozen or so background patterns. They each look unique (atleast most do). I was asking if you could add those. Its alright if it is not possible to do so. After a really really long time, Trigger's PC crashed for the first time. I used the search item to search for amulet coin. I got the results window. I selected 'go to' the amulet coin present in the PC of one of my saves. I then right-clicked it to 'give item' to a pokemon in another save. I got an unhandled exception. Log - Screenshot - http://i.imgur.com/u3krQDS.png EDIT - I selected continue and the pokemon I had previously selected to give the amulet coin had it. The give item window had not closed so I click on another pokemon. I got another unhandled exception. I am pretty sure that this error was caused because I had only 1 amulet coin initially and I had given to a pokemon. But the give window had not closed and when I tried to give it to another pokemon, it resulted in the classic OutofRange Exception. Log -
  9. Great job Suloku, ajxpkm and others for bringing this to life! I have discovered a bug with Gen 3 Event Tool. I used to the tool to add the Old Sea Map and the Mystic Ticket to my Japanese Save. Both went perfect! I caught the pokemon and saved. But When I at last tried to inject the Eon Ticket, in the tool itself everything went fine. But when I loaded up the game, The save file had been deleted and the backup save file had been restored. I saved the game a couple of times and tried to inject the ticket again but the same thing recurred. This seems to be exclusively with the Eon Ticket. The other two are working as intended.
  10. Hey Trigger! Its been a while! Hope you are doing well! Well while browsing some random pokemon sites, I came across this - http://www.filb.de/games/gba/emerald/word?lang=2 It is a secret word generator for the Man in Rustboro city. He gives out wallpapers if we are given the correct word. The wallpapers are supported in-game and we can put them to the boxes. But they are currently not supported by Trigger's PC so they appear as 'special' wallpaper. It would to have this feature too!
  11. This is going to be an amazing thing! Good work, evandixon! I am having a little trouble with the website. When I try to view the details of that Japanese (Korean?) Horsea, I am getting an error. http://i.imgur.com/dOjzk7k.png This is the one I am talking about - http://pkmdb.skyeditor.org/Pokemon/Details/320a0009-58b1-44d7-9344-1db225bca789 I can view rest of the pokemon without any problems.
  12. Almost all the bugs seem to have been found and fixed! The Trigger's PC is currently so stable that even when I try to find bugs, I cant find any. Awesome work dude! This is an epic software!
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