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  1. I've had this issue before too, after some research I'd suggest downloading the .gci to your computer and transplanting it into an emulator's memory card tool. If the problem really is a corrupted memory card then this is the only reliable method of getting what you want without tinkering with the broken one. Also, I went looking for Gamecube cards recently and the highest price I saw on them was $15, so they aren't too bad if you choose to go that route.
  2. Same here! OP, please fix the pictures of the room!
  3. Do you mean it doesn't save the exact frame? That's an issue with not accurately recording frame increases when the game isn't run at normal speed if I recall; I'd love a fix too
  4. I only think this is a good idea if they're 99% legitimate. All of this is (hopefully) supported by the idea of using unique event moves competitively, so the Pokemon should only be outwardly legitimate. If it's anything more than that (especially the shininess, that's an overall bad idea) then it's just going to add to the tidal wave of hacked events independent collectors and researchers have to sift though. A quick suggestion would be changing the fateful encounter check to be something that doesn't match the actual event.
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