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  1. i fixed it and itstill wouldnt go through yes some pokemon go through wehen it says "unrleased" https://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=9906837 also my spelling is bad because this site makes my screen blurry from time to time
  2. what do you mean by save state?
  3. im trying to change this rayquaza pokemons name to english but after i change the name to RAYQUAZA\xFFFF\x0602\xFFFF it crashes when saving ray test.pkm
  4. i tried combining codes for individual pokemon but for every second pokemon it doesn't work, anyone know how to fix?
  5. so powersaves is only really useful for obtaining items?
  6. can you transfer them to pokemon x and y with this program or is it still impossible to do this in anyway with x and y?
  7. or is there any similar program that works with x and y?
  8. I want to make a shiny ampharos but i want it to look like i got it from an online trade in pokemon white and that they raised it from an egg in pokemon soul silver, also what should i put as TID and SID?
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