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  1. It's from a private message on the AssemblerGames forum. The user who received the message asked for a second opinion on another forum and luckily he didn't proceed with the transaction.
  2. Maybe that's the reason. I've tried to modify the .ini file with Notepad++ without success. By the way, it didn't take much long and scammers have already started to look for unsuspicious victims online.
  3. The steps I included in my post work for me and for the most people I tried them with. You don't have to be inside a Pokemon Center in order to receive Pokemon from multiboot roms. I tried to transfer 10ANNIVs to the save file which was used to verify the legitimatecy of shiny WISHMKRs and it worked fine, even when the game character was outside of a Pokemon Center. The additional step "Close the emulator and open NO$GBA.ini in a text editor, change "SAV/SNA File Format == Compressed (good/lz)" to 'SAV/SNA File Format == Raw'" is optional and I don't know if it is worth it. Sometimes, editing the no$gba.ini file won't let you use your no$gba save file in VBA or retail cartridges. The .SAV2 save file extension works for me the same way that .SV2 extension does.
  4. @theSLAYER, here's a pic of the Nintndo prototype label. The text is listed below:
  5. @Deoxyz, do those "legal reasons" involve legal agreements and contracts between an italian source and "former Nintendo employees"?
  6. @theSLAYER, http://www.thecoverproject.net/ & www.gamegeekhq.com The second one seems to be down.
  7. Someone could bypass this by printing new labels. There is a website for label preservation and it used to include 100% scans of the nintndo dev cart labels. I don't know if they are still on that site or if they are taken down.
  8. Flashing GBA roms into dev/prototype cartridges is as easy as one, two, three... especially when we are talking about collectors and people who know what to do. The easier the access to rare roms, the higher the chances of someone taking advantage of them in order to make money if the scene release of the rom does not get much exposure. Also, you don't even need to have any tool in order to flash roms into dev/prototype carts. You could just spend ~$20 to get a cheap prototype cartridge and after you get the link protocol, you can have it implemented into a custom or a commercial gba flashcard which could be used for flashing the roms. There was a whole market for the protocol many years ago but it got shut down, possibly by Nintendo. I think I've made my point of view clear before. There is no need for me to repeat myself.
  9. Nintendo dev/prototype cartridge market is pretty big in forums for collectors and most of them have the tools in order to inject roms into the cartridges. So, by having the rom available online, it should be pretty easy for some of them to try and sell more fake distribution cartridges to people who have no idea about the scene release of the gba distribution rom(s).
  10. Let's just hope this thread will get much exposure so people will be aware of the scene release. @Deoxyz, you may want to upload the rom on popular rom hosting sites, so more people will have access to it.
  11. Devaluation? No. There will be people though who will inject the rom into dev cartridges and try to sell these carts as official distribution carts.
  12. If there are any issues with the distribution, make sure you have placed a proper save file in the "BATTERY" folder. (for no$gba) Also, the extension of the save file should be .SAV. For instance, LeafGreen.SAV. The left GBA screen on no$gba is gba-1 and the right screen is gba-2. If your Pokemon ROM is emulated on the right screen, the save file extension should be .SAV2.
  13. VBA/VBA-M do not support multiboot mode emulation. This should work: 1. Download the latest no$gba emulator. (nocashgba-w-v2.8d) 2. Download the bios file for gba and rename it to gba.rom 3. Place the gba.rom file where the no$gba.exe file is. 4. Open the no$gba file and then go to Options -> Emulator Setup. Now, set: a) Reset/Startup Entrypoint -> GBA/NDS BIOS (Nintendo logo). b) Number of Emulated Gameboys -> 2. c) Link Gamepaks -> Gamepaks in all GBAs. d) Link Cable Type -> Automatic. 6. After you are done with optimazing the settings, go to the no$gba screen and right click -> Link. This should open two gba screens. 7. At the top left, File -> Cartridge Menu (FileName). 8. Check the "Autostart Cartridge" option at the bottom left and choose the "1st machine" option right next to the "Autostart Cartridge" button. 9. Choose as "File name" the rom of the available Gen III games you want to send the pokemon to and click "Open". 10. Repeat the same procedure but this time choose the "2nd machine" option, UNcheck the "Autostart Cartridge" option and choose the GBA distribution rom you want. 11. All you have to do now is follow the steps for the multiboot mode activation. Hold START + SELECT to do so. BE CAREFUL: You have to manually change the controls for each one of the emulated GBAs. The START + SELECT step should be done on the slave GBA aka the gba that emulates the pokemon game rom where the event pokemon are going to be sent to. Thanks @Deoxyz for releasing this! I feel sorry for the people who paid serious money for the genuine gba distribution cartridges.
  14. I wanted to express my opinion on this matter and I think I did. I don't think it would be heroic to make unabridged gba distro roms available online for free. I really hope that this thread will get much exposure online, so more and more people can read about the dangers of online deals when it comes to distro carts/roms and don't just fall victims when the fake carts will pop up online.
  15. Someone who has access to a specific GBA distribution rom could easily modify it and have it distribute a different event. That being said, this would be an excellent opportunity for him/her to sell "unreleased" GBA distribution roms/carts. For example, someone could make the 10ANNIV rom distribute the Wish Egg events and sell the roms or the carts for a huge amount of money on ebay or via private offers on trading forums. Sabresite & Bond697 probably had similar reasons to not make the rom available online when they disassembled the 10ANNIV rom back in the day. Making the algorithm for the 10ANNIV event available online + implementing the injection feature of 10ANNIV events on Trigger's PC app would be the best idea in my opinion. A scene release of a GBA distribution ROM would open the floodgates of GBA distro rom piracy and would devalue one of the rare items that's left in Pokemon scene.
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