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  1. Well, like I said, I didn't hate the game. I don't ever beat games I don't like, and I beat this one, so I found at the very least enjoyment out of it. I was just expressing my opinions though the eyes of a collector/completionist. But I guess I am also a bit salty from spending 2 hours trying (and failing) to capture Troy's Kyogre, to spend 1 and 1/2 hours to grind up enough money to replace the 80 ultra balls, 30 timer balls, 15 net balls and 25 leftover greatballs that I all used on Troy's battle, just to spend another 2 hours capturing Des' Groudon and Mewtwo. But I'm also very unlucky in Pokemon in general. With my luck I could swear Hypnosis was actually 40% accuracy
  2. So now I finally beat the game. Overall I liked it and enjoyed most of this ROMhack, but funny enough I actually preferred your unfinished Colosseum hack compared to this one, and it really has to do with the late game portion. In ways, unless the game is extremely tedious, I like to 100% my games or get as close as possible to doing so. The shadow pokemon, there is a very nice and diverse selection but with them hitting ever increasingly harder, the game puts you in a form of a metaphorical corner with the high levels of the shadow pokemon and the high base power of the shadow pokemons moves. When trying to capture them the first go around, unless you are extremely overleveled or have a good amount of your team as shadow pokemon, they will most likely beat you down before you can even capture them. It doesn't help that towards the end of the game, you are capturing legendary after legendary who have very low capture rates, sometimes even multiple legendaries in one battle which means you need to stock up on healing items, which is hard because there is no quick way of actually obtaining lots of money in a short time frame, even with the usage of the amulet coin. So in the end, with the sheer number of legendaries, it can get pretty tedious. This wasn't such a big deal in your unfinished Colosseum hack because every trainer with a shadow pokemon only had one shadow pokemon max, where after OBNS, most trainers will have two and most bosses will have 3 or 4 shadow pokemon so in a completionists eyes, it can be detrimental to ones enjoyment of the game. Overall, something needs to be done about the legendaries, whether it's revamping their shadow movesets, increasing their capture rate or even just lessening the amount of shadow pokemon one needs to capture in future updates or whatever. In the Vanilla, one could easily playthrough the game with whoever pokemon they desired, but in the ROMhack, you're in ways forced to use specific pokemon or roll around with 2-4 shadows in your team due to the massive power creep as the game goes on, at least for people who want to capture all the shadows. My complains don't really apply for the people who just want their team of six and then KO all over shadow pokemon. I still liked the game and still enjoyed it, but unless this ROMhack sees massive changes in later updates, it's a ROMhack I can't see myself replaying in the future, unlike Masoleum in which I plan on going back to within 2 years timeframe. Maybe I was expecting too much from this. I understand this is the only one of it's kind and it's very impressive you were even able to accomplish this as if it wasn't for you, we'd never would have had a ROMhack of the gamecube games in the first place so I applaud you for that. But, uh, thank you, anyway for what you did.
  3. I noticed when training Murkrow, Hypnosis does not proc prankster, even though all the other status moves such as W-o-W, Roost, Swagger, etc all proc.
  4. I was wondering if you have Eevee's level up moves somewhere in a document cause I wouldn't want to miss out of some moves if I evolve it too early.
  5. Yo Stars, You have a log of the Shadow Pokemon one is able to catch in this ROMhack?
  6. If anybody cares, I made a complete list of Pokemon Masoleum shadow pokemon, TM changes and other miscellaneous things I found. You can view it in this link: http://pastebin.com/13SKKevm Overall I really enjoyed the hack. No one pokemon feels useless, which was a huge problem in the regular Colosseum (way too many crapmons, especially with no move relearner/move tutor) they all have a wide variety of moves in their movesets and the few crapmons that are actually in this game received huge buffs that make them actually viable and fun to use. The bosses with this hack lost their "strategies" with the altered teams (Rainish, Sunny EQ spam, status stall spam, Rain team+DoT hax ect) but still remained just as tough, and there was a few clever things done with Evice that caught me off guard. The scailing is a bit improved in this game but Second Gonzap caught me off guard with his huge increase in levels, and the final trainer battle was fairly difficult as opposed to his battle in the regular game. Mt Battle also saw a change which in a way makes grinding for level spikes better than the original. The few things I had a problem with was that protect wasn't buyable anymore ( ;_; ) Light Screen/Reflect lost it's TM status, Pregym got a huge level increase, and the colosseum's received very little (if any for some of the rounds) changes (but with the few changes to Pyrite's makes low level grinding pretty hard to do so). I also wish there were more Chlorophyll/Swift Swim mons (and a shadow castform with buffed stats) to abuse Permaweather. (also what the hell, no Shadow Ludicolo? Unless it's in XG, then you're forgiven) This was a very nice hack well put together difficulty hack and I may come back to it down the road a few years later just so I can try more team combinations. Looking forward to XG, whenever the hell that comes out (but I'm patient, I've been waiting for a Colosseum ROMhack for almost a decade and almost entirely gave up on the fact that one would come out)
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