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  1. I'm not sure why you're getting that error, but the version of the game I use is the NTSC version and it works for me. Alright, thanks!
  2. This may have been asked before but what are the three pokemon Duking wants you to give him again? He won't tell me what they are because I apparently have one of them in the pc and just tells me to switch it out to my party... I gave him Chansey and remember Dratini being one he wanted but what was the third again?
  3. Damn I think I meant to say the Battle CDs. But I guess the same answer would apply, haha. Thanks so much for all your hard work and dedication to this game man! Hope your travels went well.
  4. I offer the following image for inspection. I tested the move and it does what Hammer Arm is supposed to do, but has what appears to be metronome's description. Also, at the Realgam Tower in the center of the main room where you'd enter for the colosseum, the screen flickers to a stretched aspect ratio for some reason. Not sure what's causing that. Other than those things, everything seems really good! PS. When will battle bingo come back One other question, there's no gen IV pokemon in the game? Was wondering if I'd be able to evolve the murkrow.
  5. Also, when did you make the TMs reusable like in black/white? That's awesome!
  6. Started playing this again lol, and a feature request did occur to me. I know you implemented the physical special split, however there is no way to know currently whether a move is physical or special except through prior knowledge/looking it up. I was wondering if you'd be able to add in the physical/special icons to the summary screen of pokemon somewhere to indicate this, similar to later gens of pokemon. Granted, as this would be a visual change, I'm unsure how possible it is for you to do this, but thought I'd ask all the same.
  7. Been out of the loop for a while, glad to see you've still been working on this!
  8. I'd say just be friendly with the save button. It's a pokemon hack that is still a work in progress, and as things are changed/added to the game, expect there to also be bugs. That being said this hack is very close to being complete, and is a great joy to play!
  9. Not sure if you figured it out already but these errors aren't a big deal. You'll notice you can click through them all and the game proceeds as normal. If you would like to silence these error messages, you can do so by going to Options -> Configuration -> Interface Tab and unticking "Use Panic Handlers". Just be aware that in the event of a crash it will be a little more difficult to determine what caused the crash.
  10. I'm actually so hyped about this. I guess making a version for us plebian W10 users is in the works though? Also thanks so much for getting the new patch out to us!
  11. Yeah man I been checking every day too! Can't wait for the update <3
  12. As long as you have a recent version of NUPS and the US version of Pokemon XD, you should be able to apply his latest patch from the first page (it's a .ups file) to the rom. Be sure to tick the box that says create a backup so you have the original file on hand, or back up the file yourself!
  13. You didn't up the catch rate of that shadow lugia, did you? 0_- And wow, 1.0.4 to 1.0.7 Why the 3 version jump, if you don't mind answering? Glad to see that you're still working on this mod after like a year or more since you started it.<3
  14. Aight, I might wait then. I did notice a similar bug as the guy before me posted, not sure if it's a thing in the romhack, or if I have to delete the physical save file or what, but yeah that's a thing.
  15. Yooo I see version 1.0.1 is out. Gonna start a new game on this, thanks for all the work you did for this game Stars!
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