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    Thank you for all your work!, I don't know if it happens only to me but Ash-Greninja still appears as illegal (I've only changed its nature when i got it) so I put this issue here if it can be helpful information for improve this awsome tool. I've seen three errors: 1. The four relearn moves are invalid (they're the same moves it has when i've obtained it via demo). 2. Unable to match in the Mystery Gift in the database. 3. Species not obtainable prior to Bank Realease (this one is obvious, cause Bank isn't active for Sun/Moon yet xD). I'm a HW user, I don't know if this ma
  2. I'm glad you're back again, fortunately you could restore most of your data and continue with this great forum
  3. Hi everyone! I'm a newbie in pkhex and i need some help: i've edited my Pkmn OR save for getting the 1000 flags, and then some events in the game had been reset. For example, when i go to the battle resort the cinematics that are displayed when you go for the first time appears again. There aren't any problems until i go to the Pokemon contests, cause i've beaten all the contests in their max difficulty but Lisia doesn't appear anywhere!, and also i can't go to the 1st floor of the art museum of Lilycove City. Can someone tell me if there's any solution to this? Greetings.
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