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  1. After a bit of research, here is the command to dump an USUL video battle. I hope it will help
  2. Would someone be able to upload the "uploader.jp" marshadow file (or pm me that in case non legit things can't be shared here) ? I know it's not legit obviously but I'm just curious. Thanks
  3. i'm interested as well in changing my game sync id (in order to put my main moon save in my secondary sun game). I can't build the latest pkhex build, so could anyone tell me where are the offsets needing change ? thx
  4. Yep, noticed that earlier too. For example, I nicknamed some of my pokemon with their english names when they hatched (I play in french) and yet the legality checker indicates "nickname matches another species name (+language), although it's 100% legit. Otherwise than that, those new fonctionalities are pretty neat ! thanks to the developer
  5. Ok, sorry, didn't know about that, I'll put them in the other thread. But they are legit, I got them less than an hour ago with the pokebank. I took a picture, without my name on it if you want, dunno if that's sufficient proof for you. By the way, no way to extract the *bin, as they're given by the pokebank and directly sent to the game boxes, so there's no wondercard. [ATTACH=CONFIG]12942[/ATTACH] You can delete my posts if you want. Just wanted to contribute, I'll be careful next time.
  6. Hi, here attached are the DW Pokebank Regirock, Registeel and Regice. I just received them. Files untouched. Enjoy [ATTACH=CONFIG]12941[/ATTACH]
  7. Thanks for the Mew ! But how did you get it ? As it will only be released february 1st ?
  8. Hi, thanks for the program, which is very nice. I've been using it to quick gen showdown teams on my ORAS. I've got a few questions, though. I've successfully modified the ek6 files in the "gen files" folder, allowing me to generate oras hatched pokemon having my trainer id. But I'd like to add the latest events, such as shiny Diancie / Yveltal / Xerneas. Can you tell me how to add specific pokemon ? I mean only available as event shinies, for example ? I added the legit shiny xerneas pk6 file in the "gold folder", but when I generate a shiny Xerneas, the program uses the "caught in pokemon X" Xerneas, making it shiny and thus, illegal. Thanks again for the nice program and for your answers
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