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  1. I'm genuinely not sure what's causing the error you're getting in that case. The game launches fine for me, but does not apply the changes I made, however.
  2. I've edited my Sword file using Pknx and took the folder titled with the title id that it generates and placed that in atmosphere/titles/ but the changes don't appear ingame when I play. For example, the first battle vs Hop, I set his Wooloo to be level 6, but it's still level 3. I'm not sure what I could be missing, but if anyone could give me some guidance, it'd be much appreciated.
  3. I think I misunderstood what your issue was. After you modify the game, what did you do next? You're supposed to take the folder "0100AB..." and put it somewhere on your sd card, but I don't remember the exact path. Also, could I ask what you used to dump the romfs?
  4. That's your issue. Make an exefs folder and keep it in the same folder as the romfs that you dumped. If that romfs folder isn't named "romfs", you need to change it to that.
  5. Did you put an exefs folder in the folder containing the romfs of your game?
  6. I'm running into an issue with Pknx's latest build for the Crown Tundra. Changes to trainers get erased when I close the exe. I save the changes and tried a clean dump as well a new pknx exe, but when I edit trainers, save the changes, and then close the application, those changes disappear.
  7. I'm having trouble using pkNX on Sword post Isle of Armor DLC. Changes to trainers aren't being saved and some of them aren't reflected properly when I load my game. Also, another issue I've noticed is that certain trainers with multiple battles namely Klara/Mustard when opened erase all the changes I've made to other trainers. Galarian Slowpoke also seems to have its moveset swapped with Galarian Weezing. I'm not sure what the fix is, but I'm using the latest build of pkNX and it's still an issue for me. Do I have to use a clean Pokemon Sword romfs as well?
  8. Is there a way to take trainer edits from an edited Sword file pre-DLC and import it for Sword post-dlc?
  9. Will it ever be available without the use of cubic ninja or OoT in the future for later 3ds versions?
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