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  1. I hope you add a "target" column in the Move Editor section. DPP Attack Editor has this "Target" column. And I also suggest, for more specific columns in the Move Editor. For example in the "Close Combat" moves section. Users can choose which status will decrease, whether defense and special defense will decrease, or attack and special attack will decrease. I mean it should be made specific like PK3DS or PKNX Move Editor. So, it doesn't just show effects.
  2. The link on the first post (Dropbox) is dead. Please re-upload them , very pleaseee....
  3. Thanks for the explanation I will try experimenting based on lowest bit
  4. Hi, sorry if this has been answered before but I'm trying to edit move that make contact to become not make contact. I'm playing Pokemon Sun. From my experience in OR/AS, i just need to edit flag1 value in PK3DS, so from my understanding : 73 --> move make contact 72 --> doesn't make contact 75 --> move that need 2 turns attack (like fly, sky attack, etc) 76 --> move that need recharge after have been used ( like Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, Blast Burn, etc) But in Pokemon Sun, flag 1 value is different. So what should i do if i want to edit move that doesn't make contact ?
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