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  1. If I dont have a wc file for a certain pokemon and theres no file online. Is a pokemon I make exactly to its info still legal?
  2. I tried making a Shiny 2015 Jap Movie 15 Arceus with the moves Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon, Judgement, and Earth Power. The moves are all on the Wondercard but when I change the Ot and the natures it says invalid wondercard
  3. I did edit the pk6 but when I give it legal moves and different trainer it says not a valid wondercard
  4. Does this mean I have to edit the wc6 file itself to make it different ots and moves and shiny?
  5. I did that but when I went to edit natures and ivs it said invalid wondercard again.
  6. Sorry if this was already answered but when I am genning Event Pokemon, I keep getting not a valid Wonder Card Gift. Those this matter if I am just genning pokemon into my pc box?
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