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  1. sooo, it seems that i have been banned from playing only pkmn online after i updated my pkmn X to 1.5 and now im getting the (Cannot access online services. Error Code: 002-0102...) even tho this is a ban error i can still play online with mario cart 7 and use e-shop and go to miiverse, see myself and my friends online... and the linked global link account seems to be fine. also i should mention that i have both the cartridge and the legit bundle preinstalled cia, i dont use/own gateway/sky3ds or other clones only rxTools and CFW's... dont want to test new oras update coz ill have to start a new game...
  2. do you have any other events that we normally cant make with ur wondercardevent tool? im specifically looking 4 the MAX O-Powers events, coz when you unlocks them with PKHeX they dont have the Use or Give buttons... after reading some archived topics it seems like they have there own event Flags that need to be checked for them to work!.?
  3. just to be clear: the 3 digits ids im talking about are in the (Trainer Data Editor) Misc > Multiplayer Sprite) Style: the Normal Male Character original id is 255 but this will probably be different if your skin color is other than the one i have... And this is only in the X & Y editor
  4. this icon is officially used by the Pokemon Center Shops in real life, to give away various events via local wireless when you visit the store (like the special S O-Powers...) it would be possible for us to edit ur PSS icons to it, if somebody would have found the right 3 digits ids... but no1 did as this was asked 4 many times before...
  5. i think this exploit bypasses the System Update Only(besides the obvious region lock.,) ...It will not allow you to play online if you dont have the latest Game Update itself!!! or am i wrong on this?
  6. you have to unlock it in game, i had the same problem before completing the all the quests...
  7. but even if you inject pokes to it there is no way to inject the save it-self! coz once your in (battle spot) there is no pausing the game to load the RAM exploit!? so how could this be used to chea....(i think i already know the answer to that...) ..well now that i think i know this ill keep it to my-self then i guess.
  8. i didnt know where to post this question since there is no Rules talking Thread... Is editing the (battle box) Somehow against the rules? /considered cheating??? coz i made a kind-off request topic in the PKheX sub-forum about adding the Battle box Set/Delete options along with a mini tutorial on how to inject PKMN with a hex-editor, and that topic got deleted without any words:( like i reveled the biggest secret/cheating method or something...
  9. i dont know why this haven't been implemented yet but its possible and pretty much easy to do since i manged to do it with Hex editor/pkhex and my RAM2SAV save dump.. 2f790 04 =forgot wut it is, but i think its a normal pkmn box adress 1box1slot /line/byte battle box ED =bytes length of 1 pkmn 3980 0b 3a70 07 = start of first pokemon and the end of it. first 5 bytes difference /line/byte/line/byte 3ef0 0f =end of the battle box /line/byte Party 104 =bytes length of 1 pkmn 12b10 0c 12c10 0f = start of first pokemon and the end of it. last 22 bytes difference /line/byte/line/byte 13130 03 =end of the party /line/byte if you take the same pokes from both party and battle box, youll see the difference and the box/place data, i dont have those numbers coz i did this a week or so ago and i didnt wright em down... EDIT:] the battle box pokemon difference/extra data is (The first 5 bytes) and Party is (The Last 22 bytes) ..so lets say you want to set a pokemon from party to the battle box: youll need to take all the bytes and leave the last 22, then paste them in the battle box pokemon bytes only leaving the first 5 of the original bytes... ***This would probably only work for the RAM save versions of ORAS...*** Also im wondering how soon will the next PKheX Update will be posted? since there where the trainer stats finds and other addons, plus i remember reading some posts by Kaphotics saying that he works on improving the Secret Bases editor<3 i really wanna play with that:} cant wait for the update to come out!!! also about secret bases: i have a problem with mine:( people cant scan their codes!?! i dont know if it works on passersby but it defenetly doesnt with codes coz i had it tested by 10+ ppl!? hear is the official PKMN Global link http://3ds.pokemon-gl.com/user/I-283-4070-X/secretbase
  10. im using pkhax, to like go over the 510 evs limit, or to add impossible abilities/moves, or make perma-megas, but every time i try to enter with them i get a message saying something like (there are no pokemon that are able to participate...) before the new webexploit i remember reading some posts in different forums that battle institute/resort accepts some hack-mons.... i just want to complete those two without any headaches...
  11. im trying to gen a Hackmon that will be able to participate in those two, but nothing seems to work! so yeah does anyone knows what hacks are legal/illegal there?
  12. so no1, has any idea on how this would be possible to make with pkhex or just hex editor??? :`(
  13. my guess is (ur screwed-up for good) ... -so dont mess-around with sht u dont know:)
  14. oh my Arceus Hope this never happens to meh! Did you try pushing the power off button for 5 or more seconds?
  15. post more details about ur system/game and the steps you made to dump the sav...
  16. I saw this video of a BR Egg in a battle a long time ago... and ever since i wanned to have one:) but had no luck making one, so yeah if anyone can do it or already have it, a link to the save or .PK6 file will be appreciated=}
  17. Are you sure you got the latest PKHeX? coz i had the same situation until i updated PKHeX...
  18. Hear is a link to my Pokemon X (EU) Saves: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ifayziqygvw52t6/EU+Pokemon+x+Savs.rar i put two of them coz the dumps made different sizes... Hope it can be fixed
  19. i have green screens every time i do it and it works fine with omega ruby, the only problem is with X i get empty boxes and everything in pkhex is empty... i have deleted everyother exploit and the browsing history plus the cookies, but the green screen still happens Oh and i forgot to ask is it ok to import some1elses save???
  20. ...didnt i say yesterday that it feels like soon there will be a save dump/import exploit:D Thanks again=)
  21. :oh, well at least i got the eon ticket:) ...THANKS 4 making all this new exploits!!! it start to feel like the next exploit will be a full save export&import:D
  22. Can anyone please tell me wuts the real name of the volcanion (Plant Key) event? Coz there is no plant key in the WC6 Editor:(
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